Who should pay for the failures of this season?

General Manager
39%, 1747 votes
4%, 180 votes
7%, 332 votes
All of the above
34%, 1547 votes
GM and Coaches
15%, 690 votes
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  • Freddie the fog

    Chiarelli has not done enough to build a strong cast around a GENERATIONAL PLAYER. His misfires have been big. His bets on certain players taking the next step didnt pay off , he’s overpaid on at least 4 big money contracts…and i understand that playing in a northern outpost u do have to pay a little more. Soooooo much travel. But 8.5 for Leon , the Russel signing, Lucic , Sekera, overpays. Not addressing our backup goalie issue…dealing for Korpokoski..remember him ? Id grade his work at about a C –. . Not good enough. If im Bobby Nix…im moving on. Hello Dean Lombardi, maybe Ken Holland ( likely wont b back in Detroit)

  • Jsplash

    Is the problem Chia, or is it even larger starting with Bob Nicholson… The dinosaur from team Canada long past?? It doesn’t take a hockey genius to see how lopsided his trade histories have been. But Chia seemed to have full support in doing so. If they have to clear Cody freaking below average Ceci through ownership in ottowa to be moved for a top 5 LW allstar… Who the hell unanimously cleared the Hall trade? Lol
    Watching Barzal nightly stings greatly, watching Strome nightly stings almost the same way. I like Larsson, but maybe a bidding war for Hall would of boasted a massive return, more than a few GMs didn’t know of Hall being a available… Eerily similar to that of Seguin. Most were seemingly shocked when he was moved. Now we’re desperate and I’m cringing at the prospect of Chiarelli’s possibly parting shot against the Oil with a terrible patented star for below par move… 1 last time.

    • Snoop Scottie Dogg

      The thing about not all GM’s not knowing he was available is BS. Of course they weren’t trading him to the western conference. Duh. Maybe the other teams didn’t have what they were looking for.

      • Ward Hoculak

        Funny what a year can do. Everyone last year was totally on board. Gm. Best ever. Coach. He’s the bomb. Then when problems start they are idiots. Fire everyone. Trade them all. All we heard was how soft eberle is. And he is folks. Still is. Pouliot was a dud. And still is. With Strome we have a contract that does expire soon. If he did produce. Probably would have resigned him. What has Pitlick done. Not much. Addressing the sekera injury would have been good but it wasn’t. Lb was given a chance. He failed. Now comes Montoya. Remember how small we were just two seasons ago. Not anymore. Time to point fingers at the entertainers or players. Character guys need to step up and play with emotion not call their investment brokers. Patience is never easy but it is always needed. Ya fire everyone great idea. Not

        • Glencontrolurstik

          I don’t know??? I mostly agree Ward….
          All this talk about moving this & changing that…
          Am I the only one that sees a pretty talented team with no direction?
          Even McDavid… How many times in a game now is he saying, F***-it… and we see him go on a one man tear…
          If the team had some direction, we wouldn’t see that… Like it was progressing last year. Lots of promise & progression, this year, it’s “seat of your pants, on the fly management” with absolutely no direction.
          It’s not the lack of skill level to my eye. It’s lack of direction & systems.
          That’s why we are seeing individual players mid-game saying “f***-it” and going on a brief tear, trying to be the hero…
          I just don’t know how a team can go from showing so much exciting promise to what we see today? God, Eberle wasn’t THAT good???