European Flair

Scott Zerr
September 02 2015 06:32PM

While plans are certainly not set stone, the Bakersfield Condors could find themselves with a very intriguing – and potentially complete – line of forwards with European flair.

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WWYDW: Development Curves

Jonathan Willis
September 02 2015 12:18PM

Peter Chiarelli3

It’s September now, which means that we’re in for a month of relentless focus on training camp battles and the opening night lineup, with occasional breaks to just sit and enjoy the fact that hockey is being played again (even if it is in rookie tournament/preseason form).

So instead of focusing at the start of this season, let’s use WWYDW to take a few minutes and look ahead. If you were the general manager, what would your development plan look like for the prospects with an honest shot at NHL minutes as the year goes on?

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Matt Henderson
September 02 2015 08:00AM



Crowded. That’s the way I would describe Edmonton’s defense at both the NHL and AHL levels. There are a finite number of positions that come with significant playing time, and right now there are more players than open spots. 

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September 01 2015 06:36PM

Among the players confirmed for invites to Oilers camp this fall (well, late summer) is Loik Leveille. He's a fascinating player—shoots the puck A LOT—and he was a blast to observe at the recent Oilers orientation camp. Now, let's not get too excited (last year the Oilers gave a lot of playing time to a player who was in the same position as Leveille but didn't sign him) but the idea of 'free prospect for only a contract' does have appeal if he's the right player. So. Is he?

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Transitioning to the New Defence

Jonathan Willis
September 01 2015 02:18PM

Reinhart, Griffin3

The building blocks of the Oilers’ defensive future seem obvious at this point. Oscar Klefbom debuted last year, Darnell Nurse will graduate to the professional ranks this year and Edmonton paid a small fortune in futures to bring Islanders’ prospect Griffin Reinhart into the system.

One of the key subplots of this coming season will be the integration of Nurse and Reinhart into the defence and the role of Klefbom as the Oilers shift away from their disappointing veterans and toward the department of youth.

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