Something to Believe in

Jason Strudwick
April 24 2014 11:06AM


It has taken me a couple of weeks to get my thoughts in order about this Oilers season. 

Before the start of the season I knew this wasn’t a playoff team. I didn’t see why such a huge jump in points was expected.

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Jason Gregor
April 24 2014 07:50AM


Moving forward, Craig MacTavish and the Oilers have to ensure they don't develop players in the same fashion that they did Anton Lander. Lander is a perfect example of being put in the NHL too quickly. I think Lander will still be a solid NHL player, but his growth was rushed and that has delayed his development.

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Nation Playoff Pool Update

April 23 2014 12:43PM


The playoffs are a week in and here's your first playoff pool update. If you didn't enter, shame on you. If you did sign up, it's time to brag about how smart you are.  Unless, of course, your pool looks like mine where I go out and pick players that have completely fallen off the face of the earth.  I'm looking at you Nyquist. *shakes fist*

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Shopping for an Assistant Coach for the Edmonton Oilers

Jonathan Willis
April 23 2014 12:28PM

Dallas Eakins 11

There has been a lot of discussion this summer about Dallas Eakins’ assistant coaches. Partially, that’s because coaching seems clearly to have been an issue this year, and the revolving door in Edmonton means Eakins himself isn’t likely to go. Partially it’s because his current assistants fit the ‘old boys’ bill a little too well and have had suspicious longevity in an organization that fires almost everyone else.

Moving beyond the current staff, what qualities would we expect to see in a new Eakins assistant?

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Brian Sutherby
April 23 2014 08:15AM


My take on the first week of playoffs, Cooke, Keith, Getzlaf, Sam Bennett and more

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