March 05 2015 08:00AM

Craig MacTavish has gotten the results back from the Oilers internal audit. The results?

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March 04 2015 08:16PM

In the fall, I asked an NHL scout about the CHL's western league and was informed it was a 'down year' and there might not be a Top 10 overall selection in the WHL. Six months later? Ivan Provorov has changed the landscape.

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I Thought You Guys All LOVED Eakins?

Matt Henderson
March 04 2015 08:30AM

There’s a small but extremely vocal minority of people who hold a strong influence over the way the Oilers are covered who are even still defending Dallas Eakins. No matter what changes with the team, it wasn’t Dallas Eakins’ fault and Todd Nelson just isn’t going to get the appropriate praise. The way they compete doesn’t matter, the mood in the room doesn’t matter, the working environment just doesn’t matter to this minority. They are just Eakins disciples and that’s all there is to it. Naturally I’m talking about Bloggers the General Manager.

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GDB Wrap Up 64.0: Kings @ Oilers

March 03 2015 10:13PM

I guess the decade of greatness will be starting another day. Final Score: 5-2 Kings.

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GDB 64.0: Shaping the Defence

Jason Gregor
March 03 2015 12:55PM


If the Oilers are going to improve in the coming seasons, it has to start on the blueline. They need a develop a top-pairing D-man, rather than rely on the very low possibility they will be able to trade for one. Unless a team is in a financial crunch, or a complete rebuild, I don't see a reason why they would move a legitimate top-pairing defender.

So that leaves the Oilers in the dubious position of needing to wait until Oscar Klefbom or Darnell Nurse emerge as a top-pair defender.

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