GDB 22.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Hurricanes

November 25 2015 07:48PM


What happened tonight was the NHL equivalent of a shart. All you can really do is change your undies and move on. Final Score: 4-1 Hurricanes

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GDB 22.0: Getting Better

Jason Gregor
November 25 2015 12:00PM

The standings don't show it. The results don't show it. But Todd McLellan believes the Oilers are improving. McLellan is talking about his team this year, not the one that missed the playoffs for the past nine seasons. He's lucky -- he hasn't had to endure the constant losing, and he isn't concerned with the squads who finished at, or near, the bottom of the standings the past six seasons. He is only focused on the group he coaches.

While I agree with him the team is showing significant signs of improvement in many aspects of their game, eventually the team needs to win hockey games.

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Capilano Rehab Centre Injury Report - November 24, 2015

Chris the Intern
November 24 2015 02:55PM

doctor's report-02 (1)

Guess who's not back yet? You guessed it, Connor McDavid! It is day 21 without Connor. How are you guys feeling? I'm feeling okay, but I'm trying my best to forget about him to make the time go by faster. It works sometimes, but just when you're least expecting it, Connor skates right through my mind and sadness takes over my soul. I think it's safe to say that Connor McDavid's return will be on all of our Christmas lists this December. On my Christmas list, McDavid coming back healthy lies right in between a new car, and a fancy money clip. So there's your heads up for what I'm asking for, in case you wanted to surprise me. 

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Robin Brownlee
November 24 2015 12:56PM


Watching that new rink rise out of the ground downtown isn’t only a source of pride for citizens and fans of the Edmonton Oilers, it’s bumped the value of the franchise to $455 million, according to Forbes, which is more than double the $225 million the team was assessed at in 2011-12.

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Edmonton’s defence and the Washington Capitals

Jonathan Willis
November 24 2015 12:03AM


On Monday night, the Edmonton Oilers played the Washington Capitals, a game which I figured was sure to be an offensive extravaganza, featuring goals, goal and more goals. I decided to track defensive performance in two very specific ways to see how the Oilers defended against one of the game’s best offensive teams.

As it turned out, the answer was “extremely well” and the Caps were limited to just the one goal. That’s one more than the Oilers got, but as my primary focus was on the defence this is till going to be a pretty cheery piece.

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