Oilers Christmas Carol Contest

December 22 2014 01:08PM

Deck The Hall

It's that time of year everybody! Time to max out your credit cards, flirt dangerously close with alcohol poisoning, and of course, sing Oilers related Christmas carols! We put out a call to all our Facebook friends to come up with their best Oilers themed carols and here are your top 5! Vote in the polls for your favorite and make someones Christmas wish come true!

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Jason Gregor
December 22 2014 11:08AM

Monday's can be especially rough for some people. I've always liked Mondays, mainly because there is so much to discuss from the weekend in sports.

It was another tough weekend for Oilers fans, but as I walked down the stairs after last night's 6-5 SO loss to Dallas I overheard two Oilers fans talking:

"You know, when you are indifferent these types of losses don't even bother me," said a fan to his buddy.

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Monday Mailbag - December 22nd

December 22 2014 09:34AM


Whether you're killing time at work, or sitting on your couch in your Ironman pyjamas, the mailbag is here to help you kill off a little bit of your Monday.  Whether that time killed is company time, or time killed until it's socially acceptable to drink - we don't care - we just care that you're here.  Of course, by "we", I totally mean "me." Thank you.  If you have a question for the mailbag, you can email me or hit me up on Twitter.  Until then, I present another edition of the Mailbag.

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Edmonton Oilers demote Anton Lander. Presumably there's a reason.

Jonathan Willis
December 21 2014 09:05PM


Well, nobody’s going to say Anton Lander didn’t get a fair crack at the NHL. He had six shots, four hits and won 69 percent of his faceoffs in his latest one-game call-up, so naturally the Edmonton Oilers – loaded to the gills with centres who do all that stuff – shipped him off to the farm moments after the end of that game.

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GDB 34.0 Wrap Up: Stars @ Oilers

December 21 2014 07:04PM

It was point night for former Oilers (as if you didn't see that coming), but the Oilers were able to pull out a win.  Wait... no they weren't.  They gave up a 3 goal lead, and lost in the shootout. Final Score: 6-5 Stars.

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