GDB 59.0 Wrap Up: Pray For Playoffs

Chris the Intern
February 18 2017 08:08PM

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WE'RE STILL STREAKING!!! Final score, 3-1 Oilers. 

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February 18 2017 12:00PM

"We love HOME games; have Liquor Depot deliver in under an hour. Click, pick, sit back and watch the game."

The Edmonton Oilers play the Chicago Blackhawks tonight, sitting in second place in the Pacific Division. We discussed a turn north seemingly forever, and it has finally arrived. Here's a question: What's next?

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The Capilano Rehab Injury Report: Undisclosed Injuries

Chris the Intern
February 18 2017 09:00AM


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I'd like to take a moment to talk about undisclosed injuries, and how incredibly boring they are.

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February 17 2017 07:41PM

slepyshev williams1

Anton Slepyshev (photo by Mark Williams, all rights reserved) is one of two Bakersfield forwards—the other being Jujhar Khaira—who appears to have a real chance at a bona fide NHL career.

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Matt Henderson
February 17 2017 04:15PM

On any top 10 team in the NHL (and that’s what the Oilers are) there are stars and there are role players. There are over and underrated players. For a team like Edmonton that hasn’t impressed anyone with a playoff showing in a decade, a lot of skaters have been underrated. Ask fans from other teams around the league about trade values and you’ll see that many don’t even recognize Draisaitl is all but untouchable. That’s just the nature of life. Sometimes your value isn’t recognized for what it should be.

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