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October 06 2015 05:01PM

After waiting around all summer for the hockey season to roll back around the time has come. It's that time of year when Oilers fans are filled with hope, recharged, and ready to watch games without a feeling of dread. This season, we wanted to find more ways to bring the Nation together aside from hoping for meaningful games in November. 

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Capilano Rehab Centre Injury Report - October 6, 2015

Chris the Intern
October 06 2015 03:30PM

Screenshot 2015-10-06 14.19.08

Jordan Eberle is obviously the big name that comes up in this week's injury report. Ebs hurt his shoulder last Tuesday in the first period against Arizona, ironically right after last week's injury report was posted. The injury will keep him out of the lineup for four to six weeks. That's a big hit to the Oilers' offense before the season has even started!

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Robin Brownlee
October 06 2015 01:16PM


Sports fans and media types alike love making predictions. If we’re right, or even remotely close, we can say,” I called it,” whether our choice of crystal ball is flipping a coin, reading tea leaves, delving into analytics or relying on the still-popular combination of gut and eyeballs.

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Robin Brownlee
October 06 2015 08:00AM


Undersized and undrafted, Norm MacIver was an over-achiever who played 500 games in the NHL, including 79 with the Edmonton Oilers in the 1990s, because he figured out early on in his career brains not brawn would have to be his calling card.

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Dead Space

Matt Henderson
October 05 2015 03:46PM


Lots of teams have bad contracts. That’s normal in this day and age. The NHL has been late to adopting analytics, there have been two lockouts in the last decade, there’s no one way to build a team, and the players have guaranteed contracts. All these things in one capacity or another have created a situation where teams are going to think they’re getting one value with a player and end up with something different altogether.

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