January 28 2015 03:55PM

If the Edmonton Oilers are serious about bringing in a big time, minutes crunching defender in 2015, the options are few and the risks frightening. Men with one year left before free agency, aging players with stunning contract length and number, it's enough to make you quake in your boots! No worries. There's always Dion!

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WWYDW: End of Roster Options

Jonathan Willis
January 28 2015 01:55PM


There’s a funny thing about rebuilds: Aside from the guys who are proven NHL players (stars like Taylor Hall, veterans like Andrew Ference) and the bluest of blue chip prospects (we’re talking Leon Draisaitl, not Martin Marincin) the rest of the guys on the team tend to be warm bodies who will end up spending many lovely years playing games in Germany and Switzerland.

Is that true of the current depth players in Edmonton, or are there some guys worth saving for next season?

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A JSBM Cartoon: Where's Nuge?

January 28 2015 11:55AM


MacT headed down to Columbus after the All-Star break AND YOU WILL NEVER GUESS WHAT HE FOUND!

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GDB 48.0 Wrap Up: Wild @ Oilers

January 27 2015 10:27PM

ELPH?  Is that you? Final Score: 2-1 Wild.

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GDB 48.0: The Nelson Factor and Hall injured.

Jason Gregor
January 27 2015 12:27PM

The Oilers are 5-4-2 since Todd Nelson took over as full-time head coach.

Does he have a magic elixir that has made the Oilers more competitive?

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