A JSBM Cartoon: Where's Nuge?

January 28 2015 11:55AM


MacT headed down to Columbus after the All-Star break AND YOU WILL NEVER GUESS WHAT HE FOUND!

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GDB 48.0 Wrap Up: Wild @ Oilers

January 27 2015 10:27PM

ELPH?  Is that you? Final Score: 2-1 Wild.

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GDB 48.0: The Nelson Factor and Hall injured.

Jason Gregor
January 27 2015 12:27PM


The Oilers are 5-4-2 since Todd Nelson took over as full-time head coach.

Does he have a magic elixir that has made the Oilers more competitive?

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World Cup, All Star Game and Mike Richards on waivers...

Jason Gregor
January 26 2015 03:27PM


We are finishing a stretch of five days without any NHL regular season games, yet there has been no shortage of NHL talk, much of it grumbling.

Why are so many media people and some fans still complaining about the All Star game? It will never be a competitive game, and it shouldn't be. Save yourself, and, more importantly, us from having to be inundated with your repeated complaints, and simply don't watch it.

I know the game isn't competitive. It is shinny with highly skilled players, so I choose not to watch. It sounded like Columbus did a fantastic job of hosting the event, and many kids got to see their hockey heros, which is what matters.

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January 26 2015 02:45PM

After McEichel in the 2015 draft, it's not certain how NHL teams will go. Most have college defender Noah Hanifin ranked at No. 3 overall but he's not delivering a lot of offense—certainly not at the level we associate with such a high draft pick. What's the story on Noah Hanifin?

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