Robin Brownlee
April 18 2014 06:30PM

Craig MAcTavish5

Having known Craig MacTavish as a player, coach and manager in the NHL these past 25 years, many of them spent travelling around the NHL with the Edmonton Oilers until 2007, I have a lot of respect for him.

Of MacTavish's many virtues, gamesmanship – on and off the ice – sits high on my list of his attributes. It was no surprise, then, to hear him spin The World According to MacT the other day when he met with local media, specifically as it pertained to head coach Dallas Eakins and how he'll handle his coaching staff. Will Eakins retain Steve Smith and Kelly Buchberger? Will he add another coach?

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OilersNation at the Summit Collectibles Show

April 18 2014 04:30PM


If you've got nothing going on this weekend, I'd urge you to head down to Millenium Place in Sherwood Park and check out the Summit Collectibles Show. I was helping the Street Team get set up this morning, and it looks like there's going to be a lot of cool stuff to check out. And did I mention that we're going to be there?

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April 18 2014 02:51PM

nurse ferguson

Darnell Nurse and the Oklahoma City Barons take on Iowa tonight, and it's a big game. The Barons are very close to securing a playoff spot—it could come tonight.

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April 17 2014 09:23PM

Being an Oiler fan means never being completely happy. For many Edmonton fans, the draft has turned from Reinhart versus Ekblad at the top of the draft to Draisaitl versus Bennett at number three. Is there a reason to worry and fret? OF COURSE there is!

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Craig MacTavish and the Assistant Coaches

Jonathan Willis
April 17 2014 04:17PM

Craig MacTavish6

One of the most controversial items in Craig MacTavish’s press conference earlier this week was the treatment he gave a question regarding the assistant coaches. It’s understandable that the general manager's comments rubbed a few people the wrong way, because while he came out strongly in support of Steve Smith and Kelly Buchberger he didn’t give critics of the team a reason to change their own opinions.

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