Sekera's PK Curse

Matt Henderson
February 10 2016 07:00AM

Sometimes you dig around some numbers and find things you don’t expect, like a pair of Oilers defensemen doing really well by some important metric.

This is not one of those times. This is one of those times when you dig around some numbers and find things that confirm your belief that the Oilers are cursed and in need of an exorcism. This one is about Sekera and Fayne and some unbelievably bad luck while killing penalties.

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GDB 55.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Devils

February 09 2016 08:41PM


Zzzzzzzzzzz Final Score: 2-1 Devils

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GDB 55.0: Honouring Brodeur

Jason Gregor
February 09 2016 07:38PM


Martin Brodeur will have his #30 jersey raised to the rafters tonight, and the Oilers will have the pleasure of watching the Devils honour the winningest goalie in NHL history.

Brodeur only played the Oilers 18 times, finishing with nine wins, six losses, one overtime loss and two ties, which wasn't very much compared to how often he faced the New York Rangers (101), Philadelphia Flyers (92) and New York Islanders (91).

I'm certain Oilers fans respect Brodeur's accomplishments, but the fact Justin Schultz is a healthy scratch tonight will garner much more chatter among the faithful of the Blue and Orange.

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Capilano Rehab Centre Injury Report - February 9, 2016

Chris the Intern
February 09 2016 02:00PM

doctor's report-02 (1)

Now that Connor's back (and better), I'm not sure if I'm more concerned for the health status of the rest of the Oilers, or the health of the staff inside the walls of Nation HQ.

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In Defense of the Oilers

Steve Dangle
February 09 2016 10:38AM

The Oilers got destroyed in back-to-back games this past weekend. Steve Dangle planned on talking about their futility today but a little research changed his mind. Here's why Dangle thinks the Oilers are actually alright.

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