May 26 2015 06:04PM

panic common

Plenty of upset (rightly) among the Oilers fanbase this spring about having to give up draft picks to Boston and San Jose in exchange for hiring a previously fired manager and coach. The NHL works in mysterious ways, but there may be some light at the end of the tunnel.

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Leon Impresses

Matt Henderson
May 26 2015 04:14PM

In the immortal words of Bob Cole, OHHH BABY!

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Robin Brownlee
May 26 2015 02:20PM


Human nature being what it is, we are often more comfortable relying on people we know and trust rather than the unknown in all walks of life. That includes hiring people for jobs in the NHL.

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Farewell, Steve Pinizzotto

Jonathan Willis
May 26 2015 12:45PM


He joined the Edmonton Oilers' organization midway through the 2013-14 season, an older minor-league journeyman still fighting hard (often literally) for that elusive NHL dream. On Tuesday that dream likely came to its conclusion, as it was announced that Pinizzotto had signed with a team in Germany's top league.

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War Games: Edmonton Oilers vs. Chicago Blackhawks

Jonathan Willis
May 26 2015 07:00AM


There’s a lot of discussion this time of year, especially for bad teams, about hypothetical trades that might be made over the summer. The trouble with a lot of these hypotheticals is that they end up being pretty self-serving; even the ones that aren’t Linus Omark-for-Shea Weber tend to serve one team better than the other.

How do we fix that? By war-gaming it.

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