Motivation music

Jason Gregor
February 26 2015 05:04PM

Last night after dinner I was sitting on the coach fully prepared to skip my workout. In January, I challenged myself to try and get a six-pack. I've worked out a few times a week for the past seven years, but I needed to alter my eating habits and increase my workout regime to accomplish this goal. I spoke to a nutrionist (Lalitha Taylor) who set me up with a good eating plan and my trainer, Jeff Woods, gave me a four-day workout plan.

It has been going well. I lost six pounds and two inches (measure stomach at navel level) in the first month. I feel much better and actually enjoy the new food I'm eating, but last night I didn't feel in the mood to workout.

My wife said, "Just go downstairs and do it. Take my computer and hit random on my Itunes." I looked at her computer and hit play, and in an instant the song that came on completely changed my mindset.

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February 26 2015 03:27PM

gordon common

We're less than 100 hours from the trade deadline and for Edmonton Oilers fans it looks like the number of deals we'll see is one: Jeff Petry. Is there any other deal available (beyond Petry) that makes sense? Yes. Boyd Gordon.

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Setting The Price

Matt Henderson
February 26 2015 11:29AM

For some time the talk coming out of speculators was that the Oilers could get a third round pick, maybe a second, for Jeff Petry. That kind of return would be tantamount to disaster for the Oilers organization as Petry is certainly worth more to them, even with a significant raise, than a third round pick in the draft. It’s not out of the realm of possibility, mind you, as MacTavish was only able to secure a third round and fifth round pick for Ales Hemsky at last year’s deadline. But a couple of notable defensemen have moved recently and that might be setting the price quite a bit higher for Jeff Petry.

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WWYDW: The Trade Deadline

Jonathan Willis
February 25 2015 05:54PM

Craig MacTavish2

The trade deadline is a high point of every hockey season, one of those rare moments down the stretch where fans of all 30 NHL teams really have a good reason to pay attention. The best teams add players; frequently enough, so do clubs in the middle of the pack. At the other end of the spectrum, the worst teams load up on draft picks and prospects and (sometimes) even sign pending free agents rather than renting them off to the highest bidder.

So, for this week’s edition of What Would You Do Wednesday, we ask how our readers would handle the deadline.

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The Awkward Family Photoshop Contest Finalists

February 25 2015 02:35PM


The day has come to vote on some photoshop entries. It's time for you to step up, do your civic duty, and help us crown another photoshop champion. These heroes will live in infamy, and take their place among the Nation’s elite. Many have entered, only five remain…

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