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October 30 2009 12:14PM

Now anyone who has the great fortune to call us a “friend” “associate” or “former pagent contestant” knows that we take our Oilers hockey pretty seriously. And anyone else who knows us knows that Thursday’s are poker nights. When the two collide – as they often tend to do – it gets real.

Watching games with your buddies is an entirely different experience than attending a game or watching it in a bar. Every play is dissected to the nth degree. Players pasts are often brought into it, statistics are bandied about incorrectly and as the night progresses the booze often takes over. Wild swings of emotion have been known to occur watching the game as a crew. The guy who was standing with his eyes screwed shut, cursing Ales Hemsky aloud can be seen moments later jumping into the arms of his nearest buddy when Hemsky scores. People who confidently pick O’Sullivan as their star grin smugly when he pots the winner in the shootout.

We know a great many folks that insist on watching the game solo, completely free of distractions. We know other folks who only like to watch games live – claiming the television doesn’t do it justice. We have some buddies who refuse to attend poker games when the Oilers game is on because it focuses too much on the game and not enough on the 2% chance you are going to actually river that straight. Not us. We like to experience the Oilers games in a great many scenarios and sitting directly in front of our buddies garage TV, crushing everything we can get our hands around and playing our aggressive brand of Wanye Poker ™is one of our favorite things to do.

Predictions and straight flushes

Our boy Lee – who once famously predicted Fernando Pisani would have a “big playoffs” in 2006, predicted the Oilers would win before the game began and later smashed your boy Wanye with a straight flush to our flush as the Oilers were up 4-1. No lie - we almost threw the TV through the wall. But fortunately we were able to buy back in, grab another beer and get back to the game. A straight flush? Who does that? Lee does that – that’s who the dirty son of a gun.

And what a game wasn’t it? Really Oilers? Is this how we want to play in front of a sold out RX1? Don’t you know that some of us are busy absolutely crushing the life out of a flat of Bud Light and don’t care for the roller coaster of emotion it produced?

Quick question for the folks who were in attendance at RX1 last night. How do you boo the Oilers going into overtime? How does that work exactly you treacherous sons of bitches? You boo when the game is over (if at all) not the critical point in the evening where the team needs support.

The following is the list of points we were going to make – but we will just give them out in a rapid fire format rather than flush them out into actual paragraphs. Last nights game summary would go something like:

  • 4-0 lead surprising
  • Come back a near Titancian collapse
  • Win good
  • O’Sullivan’s shoot out goal = sick
  • Everyone in Edmonton = sick

Further top drawer analysis

If we didn’t feel like we were run over by a Bud Light and 14 cent cigar truck this morning we might go do some research to back up our next statement. But we do, so we won’t, but here it is: there seems to be a boat load of big leads surrendered this year doesn’t there? Haven’t the Flames gassed a massive lead to the Hawks? Didn’t someone else do it too?


We didn't give the Oil a chance in hell last night, straight up we will admit it. A win is a win and there is nothing but positivity coming off this. Oh and before we forget: 4 Points? Really Penner? Good Gods. Is this for real?

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#51 RCN
October 31 2009, 10:13AM
Trash it!


Also I heard Chicago might have to move Patrick Sharp to make cap room to sign their big three (Kane, Keith, and Toews) what are the chances the Oilers can obtain him?

While its obvious something has to give in Chicago, I don't understand why the common thought is the Sharp (3.9) will be the one to go.

So who should go? Obviously a guy like Brian Campbell (7.15) would be the 1st name, given his cap hit and the fact the Hawks have Seabrook & Keith (who aren't going anywhere). Cam Barker's a guy I'm sure they'd love to keep, but if Campbell is unmoveable, perhaps he's 3 mil they can move (I'm sure they could get cheap entry-level player(s)/prospect(s)/draft pick(s) if they put him on the block.

Dallas needs a puck-moving D-man. Would they be interested in Campbell? Chicago sure could use a guy like Marty Turco (not sure if the Stars would move him). Or perhaps a Brad Richards-Brian Campbell swap? It doesn't really help the cap out in the short term, but Richards only has 1 year left vs, Campbell's 6 remaining years. Maybe the Hawks could move Campbell's salary IF they threw in a good, young forward.

Which leads me to...

Up front, guys like Dave Bolland (3.375), Dustin Byfuglien (3.0) & Kris Versteeg (3.067) all make 3+. Personally I'd move any of them before Sharp, no? They've got other guys with size in Troy Brouwer & Andrew Ladd that Byfuglien could be moved, and likely with a decent return. The gaffe this past summer may have been a gift & a curse for Versteeg; should be able to get a decent return for him. The Hawks may get a bigger return for Sharp, but their concern should be clearing cap space, not the biggest return. Sharp is an important piece to that club, and at 3.9, they'd be stupid to move him IMO.

And then they could always throw Cristobal Huet (5.625) down to the minors and pick up another goalie. Of course, this other goalie would have to cost a lot less for there to be any cap savings. *cough*BIRON/ROLOSON*cough*

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