La Presse is reporting that the Quebec Hockey Federation is working on hosting the Quebec Cup in the first week of August in 2011. The National Quebec team will be made up of Quebec-born NHL players and they will play the National teams of France, Switzerland and Italy. Yes those hockey powerhouses Italy and France will be invading Quebec.

It will be interesting to see if NHL players will support this venture. Guys like Vincent Lecavalier, Marc-Andre Fleury, Martin Brodeur and Simon Gagne will be asked to lead their fellow Quebecers, commit their time to the tournament and do so to support hockey in Quebec. The team will be made up of Quebec-born players, not just francophones.

Hockey Canada has given their blessing to this venture and now it is up to the Quebec Hockey Federation to cement their plans for this tournament.

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They plan on making it a cultural event. They will have Poutine when France plays, Raclette when the Swiss play and have lots of Italian music to celebrate the Italian team, plus many more events throughout the tournament.

The major question from most Canadians will be who pays for this event. Will it be provincially funded, or will their be any government funding at all? For hockey fans,despite it being a regional tournament, if it is on TV when no other hockey is being played, will you watch solely out of curiosity?

I will most likely have one of the organizers of the event on my radio show tomorrow to find out more specifics about the Quebec Cup, but according to Rejean Trembley’s article it seems, that barring being shunned by NHLers, this event will happen next August.

  • Ryan14

    If NHLers joined, it wouldn’t even be a competition.

    While we’re at it, we should see if the UK, Spain and Scotland will be willing to play the best anglophone team we can put together.

  • Wonder if it will be broadcast in English ?

    This shouldn’t come as a surprise, the Quebec “Nation” being what it is. If it does occur, we can be assured the CBC will insist broadcasting the Quebec Cup over its French and English TV networks. Surprising that all the Francophonie nations aren’t being invited, like Haiti and Algeria.

    Hockey Canada probably couldn’t object as it wouldn’t be politically correct.

    What about a Western Canada Nation tournment? With the West’s multicultural mosaic, we could invite just about any national team that competes within the IIHF’s jurisdiction.

    We could schedule this event at the same time the Quebec Cup is being played.

  • Ryan14


    Do you think having it in August is a pro or a con when it comes to getting NHL interest? It might be a great way to get in game shape, or it might be a great way to get hurt and miss TC.

    – Word

  • Oilers G- Nations Poet Laureate

    They could use the goalie from Slap-Shot.

    “Icing appen when da puck come down da hice before de udder guys, I raise my harm like dis and da game stop, then start up again”

  • D-Man

    It would be cool to have a summer tourney made up of regional teams. Like Team Alberta vs. Team Ontario vs. Team Quebec vs. Team Atlantic vs. Team Michigan vs. Team Minnesota, etc.

    I suppose the Quebec vs France and Italy format guarantees that Quebec would win. They would love nothing more than to embarass France who left them to suffer in this anglophone hell after the defeat on the plains.

    I doubt Quebec-born NHL players would be hyped to play in this. It has all the legitimacy of a women’s hockey international tournament.

  • Oilers G- Nations Poet Laureate

    Another Alberta farmboy redneck trying to deny Quebec their nationhood. Why cry about this when you’ve accepted everything else that’s going on including mega-billion dollar transfer payments, their own pension plan, etc…Who do you think is gonna pay for it…what a rhetorical question. Who pays the Bloc Quebecois MPs? Accept the inevitable. This is the way it is and will be.

    • Jason Gregor

      Please sober up before you post. I’m far from a redneck, and wasn’t whining about it.

      You might want to do a bit of research into Canada’s history and realize that it wasn’t that long ago that Alberta received tranfer payments from the East.

      It is cyclical and hopefully for Albertans we are in a position to give rather than receive, because that means our economic environment is healthy.

      • Rob...

        RE: “You might want to do a bit of research into Canada’s history and realize that it wasn’t that long ago that Alberta received tranfer payments from the East.”

        The big difference Jason is in how Alberta conducted itself, both fiscally and politically, while on the receiving end of Federal welfare.

  • Oilers G- Nations Poet Laureate

    I dont honestly expect the NHLers to bother. Not only do they risk injury, they get nothing out of it. We cannot deny that there are some great players to come out of Quebec, and it would be a cakewalk to play France and Italy, so they only real game that they would even consider worth thier time is the Swiss. What do the players get out of it?

  • positivebrontefan

    This is a slap in the face for every person, anglophone or francophone, living in the rest of Canada. Just another step toward legitimizing this farce they call a “nation”. My opinion, you live in Canada, you are Canadian. My family has lived in this country for over a hundred years, and when they left their homeland they said goodbye and embraced being a Canadian and what it meant. It meant being proud of your home, fighting for your country, and doing the best you could given your circumstance, no matter what it is, to give back to the country that provides for you so richly. If and when you separate, and I hope it comes soon, we in the west here can keep our hard earned wages in the west where it was earned. Sure we have resources, but we work hard to produce it, and get crapped on from the east for doing so. Ooh, the dirty oil, and who waits with open hand when the money from that “dirty” oil comes pouring in?
    Now I’m not against a hockey tournament of any kind, we live in Canada, it’s your right to play hockey whenever you please, but if it takes government money to do so, then it rips me off. I don’t care if it’s the Quebec Government or the Federal, it makes no difference, the money came from the west either way. Me busting my a$$ 12-14 hours a day should not equate to better social programs for them while my three year old daughter has to wait 6 hours for an emergency bed.

    And it’s Hockey Canada, not hockey quebec, I’m not sure why Hockey Canada had to approve anything.


    That feels better.

  • Jason Gregor

    At least one of those names didn’t seem too thrilled with the idea 5 years ago when the idea of entering a seperate quebec team in the olympics was being floated about.

    “When the matter of Duceppe’s proposal came up in Tampa Wednesday, Lecavalier rejected the notion of playing for an independent Quebec team, telling the Globe and Mail’s David Shoalts: “I’m part of Team Canada and Canada as a whole. I’m proud to be Canadian.”

    St. Louis reiterated his teammate Lecavalier’s point: “I’m proud to be Canadian. I’m proud to play for Team Canada. I think there are bigger issues (for politicians) to worry about than trying to make a Team Quebec.””

    My guess is almost all of the players refuse to wade into this one.

  • Jason Gregor

    I’m happy to hear Lecavlier and St. Louis have rejected the idea. Inviting France and Switzerland makes sense. French is an official language of both. Italy? Is there a Franco-Italian nation that we’re not aware of?

    It’s stunts like this that reinforces my belief that Quebec is the most hypocritical and self absorbed of all the provinces. How can they on one hand, assert their separtist ambitions with events like this, but on the other hand, demand Canadian taxpayers build a new arena for the Nordiques? Especially when there’s no guarantee of a return of the NHL to Quebec City?

    What a screwed up province!

  • striatic

    sounds like an interesting tournament that’d i’d watch with interest.

    and by “tournament” i mean “game”, since the swiss team is the only one that would stand a chance.

    i highly doubt NHL players will participate, however, and interest in the event will evaporate.

    but would i watch Quebec vs. Switzerland? certainly.

    that, and the rest of Canada shouldn’t sweat this kind of stuff too much. Quebec is essentially a francophone province and is going to want to have cultural events with other francophone populations. these sorts of inter-francophonie events *can* have separatist overtones, but it is a mistake to automatically assume that this is the case.

  • Hemmertime

    Imagine if Lecavalier is out for 6 months due to a dirty shot from an Italian plugger. The tourney idea is interesting. But tax dollars going towards it is a bad idea if its a QC only. I dont care if they use English players, its another reminder how different and better treated the Frenchies want to be.

    Though I will freely admit I am biased. I am not sure if its racist or what you’d call it – since I dont see French as a different race than English – but I hate the French. Actually, to be fair, I have nothing against French people from France, so I hate Canadian Frenchies… thats better.

  • Hemmertime

    I think it’s only fitting that they play the tournament with a “sponge puck”… stay with the overall theme of Quebec. After all do you really think this farce is gonna happen? Nope! But a bunch a people from “La Belle Province” will undoubtedly get a pile of money from the Feds to pretend it will, and once again keep the squeaky wheel greased.

  • Hemmertime

    It might get more interest and make more sense if they also included a North American Indian team as part of tournament as well . Mind you , Quebecoise might say they’ll have NUNAVIT or a Louie Riel team .

  • Grant Fuhrer

    All Québec nationalist issues aside, this tourney seems pretty wishy-washy to me.

    First of all, where does Italy enter into this equation?

    Secondly, there must be a better way for Quebec to stand up and say “Hey, we breed some great hockey players!”

    How embarrassing will this be when the Swiss beat team Québec?

    They will have poutine when France plays? What does that have to do with France?

    Why do the french-speaking teams get special food for their games, and all the Italians get is italian music? Let’s at least get them some proscuitto or bruschetta or something…

    I think the only way that this event could win me over is if they replaced all of the water bottles on the bench with red wine

  • ubermiguel

    I think you have to give these guys some credit. Somebody obviously did their research on the problems their cousins in France have had over the years with having to surrender fairly often and selected a group of opponents they are comfortable they can whip. I imagine if they struggle a bit the next tournament will feature teams from Angola, New Zealand, and Micronesia.