We have refrained from gushing too emotionally about the three initialed one so far in his NHL career. And there is a LOT to gush about as anyone with working eyes can attest. His talents can only be described as other-worldly, his passes surprise everyone except himself it seems and though he is skinnier than Kate Moss he has been able to navigate around the ice like a champ.

We must celebrate the Nuge with a Photoshop contest. It’s a moral imperative.

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[begin temporary gushing]

Isn’t the Nuge just the cutest lil thing EVER? Did you see him on After Hours on HNIC when he was talking with the zombie Scott Oake? Didn’t he look like someone’s little brother that you used to make go get juice when you were hanging out in your buddies basement and had a hankering for some OJ? But then you remember that your buddy’s little brother just netted a hat trick in his 3rd game in the NHL? It positively boggles the MIND!

While the future remains so bright for RNH that one should wear a welding mask when trying to project his potential it is also clear that he was only 13 when the Oil went to the Cup Finals in 06. He is that young and somehow looks even younger. 

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We can’t help but imagine that Eberle loads up a spoon with whipped cream and lets the Nuge pretend to shave in the Oilers locker room. "That’s right Nugie," Eberle would counsel "move the spoon down and up but NEVER side to side." And RNH is only too happy to oblige and within seconds he is better at shaving than 97% of his NHL peers.

The concept for Photoshop IV is celebrating the extreme youthfulness of Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. Years from now. when he has racked up billions of points, hundreds of Stanley Cups and thousands of real shaves with an honest-to-goodness razor we will be able to return to these early photoshops and laugh heartily at his teenage years.

Nuge as Carlos from the Hangover. Nuge as Justin Bieber. Nuge in a crib surrounded by Hart Trophies. Knock it out as only we can here at OilersNation.

[end temporary gushing]


We will run the entries for this contest until Friday November 4th 2011 AD. Then we will post the top 10 entries and we will have a good laugh and a good vote. As always our good friends over at Oodle Noodle have agreed to put up a catered office lunch for 10.

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"The past winners have been pumped when we have shown up with lunch for the office Wanye" they said in a gracious email this week. "You keep having these photoshop contests and we will keep giving you prizes. All we ask is that you PLEASE wear pants when frequenting our business."


Shoot your entries to [email protected] and we will handle it all from there. Good luck to all entrants. Let’s get it on!