In two weeks "the hottest DJ in the world" will be making his way to the Pint off Whyte for his debut. This will be the culimation of weeks of excitement in Edmonton as the cool kids wait breathlessly of one of his legendary sets to see them through the dark days of the 2012 lockout. Okay, that quote is from Wanye and the only kids Struds knows these days are his own, but this is still going to be a heck of a party. 

DJ Suitcase has been ranting about his DJ and spinning skills for months. He claims he’s the Robbie Hart of Wedding DJs. If his spinning skills are as wicked as Hart’s singing skills we will be in for an incredible evening.


A few months back a certain Jason "Middle Name Classified" Strudwick stated he’d be the best wedding DJ ever. He also said he’d use American Pie as his closing song, so I’m not certain anyone would still be at his party past 10 p.m, but I digress.

His confidence made me believe we needed to see him in action, so we decided to make a fun night of it and DJ Suitcase was born. Well truth be told when I told Wanye about the show he said "That sounds fun – what’s his name DJ Suitcase?" I laughed, Strudwick vowed revenge and the show was born.

While he’s no Brent Ashton, Struds did suit up for ten different pro franchises in his career, so he was able to experience a wide array of music scenes from Hungary to Sweden to New York and Chicago. His play list should touch all music fans.

His spinning and DJ skills on the other hand remain a mystery. You can witness them on Friday, Novermber 2nd. Will they be like the video above? I doubt it, but you never know.


First of all it is a sanctioned Nation Party. And aint no party like a sanctioned Nation Party cause a sanctioned Nation Party don’t stop. Secondly, it will be fun, but most importantly because it is for charity. All of the proceeds will go towards the Inner City Children’s Program. They are a wonderful cause and Struds has been working closely with them for years.

Not only will we have a great time, but we will raise over $6,000 for ICCP, and it is a great deal for you.

When: Friday, November 2nd.

Where: The Pint Off Whyte (104 street and 81 ave)

Time: 6 p.m. You need to be there by 7:30 p.m – enforced due to room restrictions

Cost: $25.00

Your admission gets you one free drink, a $25 gift card from Oodle Noodle and $20 gift certificate from The Pint.

So you pay $25, but you get $50 in return. Any way you look at this – it is an awesome deal. 

There are only 300 tickets for sale. You can purchase them on line here. 

We sent out a teaser tweet last night and sold 25 tickets…So Nation, get in and get set for an epic night.


– This will be a one time only show in Edmonton. And it will be DJ Suitcase’s last World Tour with his real hair. You don’t want to miss it.

– Plan ahead, don’t drink and drive!