While it is tough being an Oiler fan right now you could be living in Congo and be worried about your family jewels. Things could always be worse.

I could sit down and write another blog bemoaning the fortunes of the Oilers, but I elected to give Oilers fans a break from the season that many feel is becoming the most frustrating and disappointing of the past decade. I don’t think anyone predicted the Oilers to struggle this bad, but they have and the good news for Oiler fans is that 2013 is almost over.

We won’t focus on the fact the Oilers are 30-45-10 during the past 12 months with five games remaining before the calendar turns, and Oilers fan collectively pray that somehow 2014 will better, instead we will look at some humourous things and the few positives surrounding the Oilers.

Here is a compilation of some of the best reporter bloopers. It starts with my favourite You Tube video of all time. It doesn’t matter how many times I watch the Grape Lady, it always makes me laugh. Her seal impression kills me. The last clip is also very good. I give the guy credit for finishing the story.

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Okay now that you are in a better mood, here a few positives surrounding the Oilers and their future.

  • Taylor Hall continues to prove that he will be a dominant player for years to come. He is continually making progress in his own zone, but it is limiting his offensive production. He’s only 200 games into his NHL career, and the last 100 were better than the first 100. I expect his next 600+ games will even better.
  • The Oilers freed up another contract spot by moving Linus Omark to Buffalo. Omark should get an opportunity to play in Buffalo because the Sabres can’t score. ~ Maybe this was the Oilers way of ensuring they get the first overall pick. Omark will go to Buffalo and ignite their offence and they will go on a long winning streak. ~
  • The Oilers could use that open contract spot to sign Dillon Simpson when his NCAA season is over. If they don’t wan to lose Simpson, like the Ducks lost J.Schultz, they will need to sign him before June.
  • Some Oilers draft picks are having very good seasons.
  • Oscar Klefbom (20) continues to develop in OKC. The Oilers aren’t rushing him, and there is no need to. He barely played last season due to injury, and he’s getting used to the North American game in OKC. I don’t see any reason to expect him to play in Edmonton next season either. If he does, great, but I’d rather see them be patient with his development rather than rush him and see him struggle.
  • Mitch Moroz (19) has 21-13-34 in 34 games. If you don’t produce in junior it is extremely rare that you’ll be a decent NHL forward. Moroz has been given more offensive opportunities this season and he’s taken advantage of them. He will need some seasoning in the AHL, but if he continues to improve his skating we could see him in Edmonton when the new arena opens.
  • Darnell Nurse (18) is playing significant minutes for the first place Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds. I actually think him not making the World Juniors for Canada could be a positive for Nurse. It will motivate him to prove people wrong. He has 8-25-33 in 34 games, and his offensive game is developing nicely. Like any young D-man he still needs to work on his defensive zone coverage, but he’s a main reason the Greyhounds lead the OHL’s West Division as well as having the 4th best record in the league at 23-8-1-3. 
  • Greg Chase (18) has 19-18-37 in 33 games for the Calgary Hitmen. He’s equally as agitating as he is skilled, and he’s exactly the type of player the Oilers need down the road. It seems many of the good teams have a forward with a healthy combination of skill and pest.


Penguins are awesome. It is hard not to smile or laugh watching that. I bet you watch it more than once. The sound from the penguin who did his best Strudwick-first-day-on-figure-skates impression makes it even more hilarious. 

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Every guy, and even girls, would feel like that body was such a waste… 

The guy’s reaction at :49 seconds is something Wanye would do. Guaranteed. It is also hilarious how quickly each man’s demeanor changes when the second "kisser" comes along.

And we end with the Golf Shot of the year. This was at the Farmfood British Par 3 Championships. Unreal shot, and I love that they have a fence that close to the green. Classic.

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Yesterday we raised another $3,100 to push our total $60,900. Outstanding.

Today’s Package is pretty awesome.

You and five our your friends will be picked up and driven home in a Blue Sky Limo. In between you will dine at one of Edmonton’s best restaurants, Vivo Ristorante.

The Package includes an eight-course meal and includes all your wine and drinks. I will be there to pour your wine and hang up your coats, and you will be joined by some special guests. Stacey and Ryan Smyth as well as one other Oiler.

Bidding goes from 2 p.m. to 5:55 p.m today and you can call 780.444.1260 or text 101260 to bid.

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Thanks in advance.


      • Quicksilver ballet

        True that.

        Was hoping for some rebound action. With him on a new team, there’d be some subtle differences in his game. Took Pronger 10 yrs (and playing on two different teams) to become the mean somm beach he became.

        Like Gagner will soon realize, maybe plunking him into a new team/system is all the inspiration that’s required. A change is sometimes as good as a rest.

        I’m reaching I know, but I figure the Oilers have to take a chance on a Myers, or a Gudbranson and hope they’d continue to progress and become those top pairing guys inside of two yrs. Especially with all the “A” list type defenseman not available to them.

        Rebuilding the so called elite forward group is only half the battle. It’s all wandering in the desert till they fill those 1 and 2 blueliner spots.

    • Bucknuck

      The same here in oil Country, we are in the process of everlasting rebuild!!! Just trust the process and close your eyes and ears….

      Signed Bob the light weight!

  • Bicepus Maximus - Huge fan boy!

    The Oilers are providing plenty of laughs themselves.


    Edit: Looks like someone already beat me to the punch line. Props.

  • Ducey

    Great article Gregor.

    I watched him play an Oil Kings game recently. He looked like a man among boys. He is very competitive too, always talking to himself or someone else, like a comprehensible Esa Tikkanen.

  • reaperfunkss

    The guy at the end of the 1st youtube montage was SOOOO wrong. It wasn’t a mistake. he almost got a complete 360. He should have been proud. You could almost hear his brain splat in his skill. aaaaah christmas…

  • Guy Lafleur

    Another good thing is we have another year of scouting out #1 pick at the World Juniors again , Ekblad or Reinhart , and heck lets not forget Connor McDavid in two years cuz hell yeah we are in on that one too!!!!

  • Guy Lafleur

    Hey Gregor, I thought it was about being positive, yet you post a youtube video of people falling and potentially getting hurt. I personally don’t find humour in that. Just saying.

    • Bucknuck

      Aside from that first one where she completely winded herself, the main injury seemed to be pride. They were all laughing, so why can’t you?

      I’ve taken a few good spills, and I hope someone gets a laugh out of them. Otherwise there is no silver lining.

      Gregor was trying to lighten them mood. Some people can be way too serious, which is a point that you demonstrated admirably.

    • Bucknuck

      If you want positive this is the wrong site. All you read is negative negative. If they can’t find anything negative with the Oilers then it’s the announcers and play by play guys.

  • Bucknuck

    That clip of reporters taking spills was great comedy. I needed that. Thanks Gregor. My favourite was the big guy taking out the skater on the half pipe. What a slam!

    I’ve actually liked the way the Oil are playing this year better than last year. They seem to have a bit more grease and are driving the play a lot more. It’s just not showing up in the win columns. I really think 2014 is going to bring great things. Especially with MacT at the helm for the trade deadline.

  • **

    There could be nothing funnier than Eakins explaining why we are so bad night after night………sort of like that Penguin falling down, except he got back up.

    We just never seem to stand up? Maybe we just need to accept that we have become the new NYI ?

  • PutzStew

    Wow, all these years people have been saying it is so obvious I wasn’t born in Africa but after hearing about these sorcerers it’s clear I might have:)

  • PutzStew

    What do you mean we need a laugh????

    We’ve been watching the Oilers. They are the biggest Side show circus there is. There have been plenty of laughs to be had. The best parts include:

    – How to screw a city and make billions.

    – Mr. Six rings and the “Not my Fault”/”Two tiers of Fans”

    – Why fire a person in person when you can Skype it.

    – Defense??? Who needs defense.

    – Hall for the Olympics

    – The Powerless Power play.

    – Goaltending is for winners

    And most recently….
    – Moral Victories are cool cause my mom say so.

    You could also include the run off shows:

    – Don’t address the Elephant in the Room staring Yourself

    – Total Denial staring Allen Mitchell

    – Do make the boss look bad staring Bob Stauffer

    Now that makes for good entertainment.

      • PutzStew

        Not sure what you are talking about? Miserable????? I’m LMAO. This is as funny as you can get.

        I forgot to mention Oil Change, the behind the scenes look at how to put on a comedic masterpiece.

        PS I don’t notice you smiling in your photo there. Why not?

  • vetinari

    Everyone, sing-a-long…

    “For the past year of Rebuild, Katz did give to me:

    12 Months of Frustration…

    11 Regular Season Wins…

    10 New Draft picks…

    9 New forwards…

    8 Shorthanded goals against…

    7 Points in December…

    6 Closed player meetings…

    5 Home Wins…

    4 Different Goalies…

    3 Different Coaches…

    2 Different GMs…

    And a new arena to be built downtown…”

  • vetinari

    If I need a good laugh, I just watch clips of Sam Gagner in the defensive zone. The problem is I usually start crying shortly after when the goal is scored against Dubnyk.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    I keep seeing silly trade suggestions on this site. One guy wants to trade Marincin, the next guy wants to trade Klefbom. On and on it goes.

    Quit giving up on players that have not had at least 2 full seasons in the NHL.

    I have no problem trading a player who has played enough games that you know exactly how good they are or aren’t. Trade the Hemsky’s, the Gagner’s or Shultz the senior all you want. You know what you’ve got with them and what they’re worth but it is stupid to trade an unproven asset unless you are getting something much better in return.

    I remember when the fans were calling the sports shows and saying Sather should trade that Coffey kid the first year or two he was in the league. Luckily Sather had a better eye for raw talent than the average hockey fan in this town.

    I hope Mac T has that same good sense not to give up too soon on some of these kids.

    • RyanCoke

      Coin goes both ways. We should sell while there is still value in the prospects potential. They could be a total bust and then We get nothing for them. Look at the PRV trade. If he turns out to be a good player, I still like the return we got for him. Start trading these prospects for proven talent to help us win sooner than later.

    • Spydyr

      Sure hang onto Gagner another seven years,he might learn defence.

      Sign Dubnyk to a long term deal he might stop letting in weak goals every fourth period.

      The biggest part of a rebuild and the Oilers biggest fail is not moving the wrong pieces and keeping the right pieces.

      The team was many needs to be filled trading and building a complete team needs to happen .

      What they have now obviously is not working.

    • Zarny

      It has nothing to do with giving up on players. That’s just plain silly.

      Klefbom and Marincin are 4-6 years away from their prime. The Oilers can’t wait that long. The core group of F is only 1-3 years away.

      Petry has only played 191 NHL games. Schultz hasn’t even played a full season. It’s insane to plan to add 2-3 rookies over the next couple of seasons and expect anything but utter failure. Add to the congestion Klefbom, Marincin and Nurse all play the left side.

      The Kings turned Braydon Schenn into Mike Richards and won the Cup. That’s the kind of trade the Oilers need. You can’t wait for everything through the draft.

      The Oilers don’t need Darnell Nurse in 5 years; they need what he might become right now. By all means keep Klefbom but trade Marincin. Or vice versa. All depends on the return.

  • One thing I’ve noticed about trade proposals: callers to talk shows and internet posters put forth proposals for discussion. Some are ludicrous but 9/10 times, the individual is ridiculed on air by radio host or otherwise trashed .

    Rarely does one read or hear from the “experts ” what their proposals are . They criticize but never state what deals they would make. For example, Lowtides basement bloggers start out saying “depends… ” and end up saying nothing of substance. And why are his blogger guests /regulars considered to be such experts? Who are those guys?

    • Other than some of the statistician guys who if you dont know them well… cant help you there. A lot of those guys are brought on not as “experts” but as people who can give a very different perspective on the oilers or other teams that arent MSM or team employees. If you dont get that then again… cant help you.