Jack Eichel is one of the most famous hockey players outside the NHL, but there’s a bunch of things we don’t know about him. He is 77 days older than Connor McDavid, he’s from North Chelmsford, Mass. and he’s 6.02, 195. The biggest unknown? How good is Jack Eichel?

Previously in the series….

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How good is Connor McDavid?


pronman mcdavid eichel

This Corey Pronman tweet is a nice way to get the party started. Eichel is clear of several outstanding names in recent NCAA hockey history, although the clearance doesn’t approach Connor McDavid’s ridiculous season.


First, a word of caution. Equivalency numbers are designed to give us a hint about offensive ability. There’s no guarantee these prospects will deliver at this level, but rather (based on history) serve to act as an estimate of offensive potential. This doesn’t measure size, speed, intelligence, it’s just the boxcars.

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Using Rob Vollman’s NHL equivalency numbers for OHL and Hockey East, the current numbers suggest an exceptional line in the sand for both players in estimating their NHL boxcars:

  • Connor McDavid 82gp, 22-48-70
  • Jack Eichel 82gp, 14-31-45

In a very real way, these basic numbers are a powerful indicator for all NHL fans. Jack Eichel is a potential franchise player, Connor McDavid may help an NHL owner build an empire. 

usa wj


  • Corey Pronman, ESPN: As a freshman, Eichel’s leading the NCAA in scoring, looking to push Zach Parise for the greatest 18-year-old seasons in college history. Under-20 NCAA
    freshmen who score a point per game are typically considered top-flight
    prospects; nearing two points per game as an 18-year-old in a strong conference is loco.”
  • ISS Scout Matt Grainda: Eichel’s consistency level with regards to getting the puck in the net
    and generating offense shows his total package improvements, especially
    now that he is doing it at the NCAA level. He was great at this last year on the USA NTDP
    team and it is impressive that he is doing it against older competition.
    His power and strength are great already and they will continue to
    improve while he trains at Boston University.”

  • Craig Button: “I am now of the mind-set that we have two generational talents in this draft.


Based on current standings, Edmonton has a real chance to pick inside the top three overall. Having said that, their underlying numbers suggest the club is likely better than its current record, with a finish at No. 25 or No. 26 overall more likely (meaning Edmonton picking No. 5 or 6 overall).

At some level Oilers fans, who have every right to be upset with the current state of the team, are probably wise to cheer for more losses. Will they? I can’t believe they will, no matter the talent available at No. 1 overall in 2015.

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Too many years in the basement, too long at the lottery bingo hall. If the Oilers draft Jack Eichel, one imagines a new face makes the pick on the team’s behalf. 

  • D

    I am cheering for the Oil to tank the rest of this season. Good business and asset management says not to win three or four extra games just so that the team can barely miss out on the next generational talent.

    @DoubleDlon – if that makes me clueless, that’s fine.

    • DoubleDIon

      Yup it does. Enjoy your perennial loser. McDavid doesn’t fix it, Eichel doesn’t fix it. Hanifin probably comes closest to fixing it, but even he doesn’t. You start winning when you fix the problems your organization has. Edmonton needs a 1/2 center right now. A 1 and 2 defenseman and a starting goaltender. McDavid and Eichel fix one of the 4 premium holes the Oilers have. The hole they fix will already be fixed in 2 years by Draisitl.

      Every year the Oilers lose they continually devalue their assets. 2 years ago you could probably make a move involving Eberle for a top pairing defenseman. You could probably get a legitimate #1 defenseman for Hall. Do you think either of those things are remotely possible now? When you’re struggling other GM’s throw you boat anchors, not rescue rings.

  • DoubleDIon

    Would you sacrifice a 10,000 dollar pay day this week to receive 250,000 in the spring?

    Anyone hoping for the Oilers to finish in the 5-10 draft range are nuts. We’re is the benefit? I wish the Oilers were in the playoff hunt as much as the next die hard but they aren’t, and they’re not even close. The season is over, if we’re playing chess we’d all sacrifice a pawn in a heart beat to win the match. People need to give up on this dead pawn season, hope to God for McDavid and build around a generational talent for the next 20 years. We all want another cup dynasty and that is one huge step to getting there.

  • DoubleDIon

    how about start drafting basketball players? in 5 years time we might have a decent starting 5…just thinking out loud..maybe its time to take this rebuild in a different direction, hockey is not working!!!

  • DoubleDIon

    Seeing how McDavid / Eichel can’t magically fix this team on their own, what about trading that pick for a package of players to fix all the holes?

    Didn’t the Nordiques / Avalanche go on to win the cup a few years after trading Lindros for several players (including Forsberg)?

    • DoubleDIon

      If they can get a package like the Nordiques did then that’s exactly what they should do. I kind of doubt they can though. If you can get a young top pairing defenseman and a young 1/2 type centerman then fire away and try to address the other defenseman and goaltender another way.

  • DailyDoof

    If the obvious agenda or even by chance that the team is tanking for a McDavid draft, then
    to safe some face for the organization, the best excuse would be for Nicholson to come in and clean house from Lowe down.

  • DoubleDIon

    If they do pick first or second, the absolute first thing they should do is look to make 2 “actual”/”real”/”don’t F around”/”no BS” (aka the true meaning of the word “bold”) moves and trade for a “LEGIT!!!” #1 goalie and “LEGIT!” #1 d-man (if possible both under the age of 27). That would include moving any and all of Eberle, Yak, Dr. Drai, Nurse, and/or the 2016 1st round pick + any other dead weight (list is too long) to clear cap space. Worse case move Hall too, if required. The team would then be set in net, on the back end and down the middle, with McD/Eich & RNH, for years. Not only that, the team might now be able to entice actual support pieces as UFAs. Come to think of it, the first thing to do, upon assuring a top two pick, is fire KLowe!!

  • Spydyr

    ……hope has long gone from Edmonton, only consistency is losing, the management have proven themselves to be the buffoons they are. The scouting is the worst in the NHL.
    We have nothing, and when we pick a player thinking this is Norris material and turns out to be a complete bust.
    Why is it that we are fu…ing crap. We don’t have a team. Look at any team thats successful, it comes from coaching first.
    We are going to end up as a team of 1st. round draft picks, still at the bottom of the league with no direction.
    Tied of losing, no hope left, even if we get Eichel and Mcdavid whats the point, its going to be the same losing crap next season.
    I am not sure if I can put myself through another season of watching the Oilers implode.
    Every beginning of season I have high hopes, and like clockwork its all over and another #1 draft pick coming.
    Mr. Katz is equally to blame as the owner, his decision to keep the current management in power is the biggest fail.
    A losing record now and before he owned the team didn’t matter to him. Mr. KLowe is buddy with Katz and he is the man.
    Fans opinions are of no value to Mr. Katz, his friend KLowe has all the answers, look where we are….

  • Reg Dunlop

    A few observations.

    Regarding generational talent; Morenz, Howe, Orr, Gretzky, Lemieux and maybe Crosby. That’s it. Will there be 2 in one draft year? No chance.

    Will the 30th place oil get the chance to draft McDavid? No chance as the 20% odds are not great and Edmonton does not need him to sell tickets even with the upcomming $40/barrel oil bruising our economy.

    The best outcome for the oil would be the 4th selection(Strome) so he would not be rushed into service as a savior.

    Does anyone else think Katz jr. will be a massive improvement when he takes over from daddy? No woody for the 80’s oilers and when he trims the orange ‘fro he will look much more professional than Bono. Only 20 years to wait.

    Regarding possession stats; the oil are artificially inflating the numbers with those d-to-d passes in the defensive zone that allow the forecheck to zero in and cause turnovers. This oiler squad wind it up in their zone like the green unit but believe me there is no Fetisov or Makarov out there.

    Happy Festivus to all. Is it time for the airing of grievances?

    • Regarding possession stats; the oil are artificially inflating the numbers with those d-to-d passes in the defensive zone that allow the forecheck to zero in and cause turnovers.

      This just tells us you have no idea what possession numbers are or how they work.

      • Reg Dunlop

        Gee whiz, you know, you are right. I am sure glad you called me out on this. Obviously unlike you, I spent 20 years playing organized hockey up to the CIAU level when I would have been better served hanging out with the math club. You know, those guys that the hockey players stuffed in lockers.

    • The Ever Disappointed Oil Faithful

      There is no real evidence Strome is the real deal, he plays on a line with McDavid, that boosts your number significantly. We, as Oiler fans, will remember taking Marc Pouliot after he played with Crosby…

  • DoubleDIon

    I disagree with that last part. I AM cheering for losses. I want to see them play hard and get better, but at this point losing out on McDavid or Eichel because of a worthless 5 game winning streak to end the season would make me cry tears of blood.

  • Harry2

    This current management group had forced us to cheer for more losses. That being said the Oilers cant even tank at the right times. Were probably looking at last place with 10 games to go followed by wining 8 of 10 and picking outside the top three.

    I hope the Oilers dont win a single game until Lowe is fired

  • The Ever Disappointed Oil Faithful

    “At some level Oilers fans, who have every right to be upset with the current state of the team, are probably wise to cheer for more losses. Will they? I can’t believe they will, no matter the talent available at No. 1 overall in 2015.”

    The season is done. I would not be disappointed in us finishing last. Go Connor!

  • Spydyr

    Im havent heard anything that points to this, but how certain are we that McDavid or Eichel wont pull a Lindros/Elway? Tell the Oilers not to pick them because they will refuse to play here.

    Put yourself in their shoes. You the most highly regarded prospect in a decade. The Oilers have 3 first overall picks in their lineup, and they are still the laughingstock of the NHL. Are you going to risk putting your development in the hands of a group thqat has proven incompetant? Are you going to get the same endorsement money playing in Edmonton as you would eslewhere? Not to mention, outside Winnipeg, is there a less desireable location to spend your winters than here?

    I REALLY hope this doesnt happen, but to think there is no chance of this going down, is naive.

  • Spydyr

    I keep hearing this:
    “Having said that, their underlying numbers suggest the club is likely better than its current record”

    Yet the losses continue to pile up at a great rate. Still waiting…