The 2016-17 Oilers Year End Report Card

Another Oilers’ campaign is in the books, you’ve had some time to reflect on what happened, and now it’s time to evaluate the 2016-17 season. Do you remember everything you need from this past run to make a fair and accurate critique? Of course you do. It’s report card time.

For the year-end report card, I’ve included every player that spent some time on the ice for the Oilers this past season. It was actually strange to put this list together because the Oilers used fewer players this year than they have in the past, not surprising considering this was their best season in a decade and they were relatively healthy throughout. What will make this tough is deciding whether to up or down vote guys that weren’t really around long enough to make an impact one way or the other.

Who will rise supreme and who will wear the goat horns for the 2016-17 season? That’s for you to decide.

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As always, I would encourage you to leave your player grades and feedback in the comments section below, especially if your up or down vote on a guy could be deemed as controversial. Basically, I want to know why you’ve ranked certain players the way you have especially if you think your evaluation is different from the norm. If you up-voted Mark Fayne because you think he’s Gord’s gift to defence and that he got screwed by the man then I want to know about it – you get the idea.

Without further adieu, I ask that you grab your favourite grading pen and get to work. Godspeed, Nation.