Stauffer misses boat: Oilers fans see storm warning on the horizon


Bob Stauffer has written a witty piece over at asking why the Oilers Nation is all over Danny Maciocia and is leaving MacT and K-Lowe alone during the Oilers woes. He seems to think it has to do with the fact that Maciocia is not a long-term Edmontonian, or that he has never played the game at a high level. He goes on to suggest that the reason Oilers fans are giving MacT a long leash is because of his snazzy attire, and attention to personal grooming. While we can’t argue with the concrete logic that MacT is the best-looking losing coach in the league, man-crushes aside, the Oilers Nation will not be taking this losing streak sitting down for much longer.Most of us are sitting in stunned silence, as we watch the losses continue to pile up, and realize that while we were hungover from the miraculous Cup run of two years ago, our beloved Oil returned to the 8th place contender that it had been prior to the strike.

While we were wondering where our Cup Finalist Team went, and puzzling over all the players departing, we watched Laraque, Smith and Smyth shipped out of town in silence: three of the most character players in the NHL. Not to mention a team captain, the face of the franchise and a man so popular that he had his own 30 minute “radio show” (and we use the term loosely). All of them sent packing in the name of economics—in a post-salary-cap world.

Pardon me, but weren’t we sold on the strike on the basis that the Ryan Smyths of the world could remain Oilers forever? Weren’t we told to sit idly by and watch Roadrunners hockey knowing that, when the NHL returned, the Oilers would be able to compete on a more even playing field, economically speaking?

While the team was whittled away to nearly nothing, salaries have continued to rise—to the point where the Oil are 4th highest paid team in the league. And for what? Three games won out of 19 in regulation this season? It would seem that the Oilers are now able to compete financially—and have squandered their way to the fourth highest payroll in the league in the process.

So get your head checked, Stauffer. Wondering why the Oilers Nation hasn’t turned on MacT and K-Lowe yet like it has turned on Maciocia? Give it time, my friend; the season is still early. The Cup run brought the Oilers Nation sunny skies, but storm clouds are gathering on the horizon.