Two former Oilers we could use right now

Remember these two dandies? Petr “Big Sexy” Sykora and Miroslav “Don’t call me” Satan. The year was 1994. Both had signed with the Detroit Vipers in the upstart IHL. Look at them here, without a care in the world.


Who would have known that they would both go on to be Oilers, contribute significantly, and be shipped out for next to nothing. Thirteen years later, Sykora has 9 goals, 6 assists and 15 points for the Penguins this season, being paid $3.5 mil in a two year deal. The Dark Prince? He is still riding dirty with the Islanders. A bit pricey at $4.5 million, but still putting up decent numbers with 5 goals, 7 assists and 12 points.

Both have come a long way from their days with the Vipers, and both would still look good in Copper and Blue. Sykora would be sitting in second in Oilers scoring, Satan in fourth.

Just a thought as I stare at the wall pondering the Oilers—currently 22nd in scoring.