Seasons greetings from the last good Blackhawks team

The Mighty Oil (8-13-1) face off against the Newly Decent Chicago Blackhawks (12-8-1) tonight at Rexall Place. The Blackhawks are enjoying their new crop of super rookies, and are off to the best start in over 70 years.


OilersNation staff have done some digging and found this team picture of the last good Chicago Blackhawks team. We also found the last known phone number for winning coach Helge Bostrom, and attempted to get in touch with him to see what change in his coaching tactics has brought the Blackhawks back into the forefront. A woman who answered the phone at his residence said, “Heavens, I would have no idea why the Hawks are good again, Helge has been dead for over 60 years!”

Undeterred, the OilersNation staff tried to contact Paul Thomson—identified in the picture as the GM of the last good Blackhawks team. He has been leading the Blackhawks through a rebuilding process that has taken nearly 65 years, and we wanted to learn his trade secrets.

Front office staff in Chicago insisted that Thomson was no longer GM, and that it was Dale Tallon. We had no interest in speaking with Tallon, as he wasn’t the man who engineered the trade for Doug Bentley (Front row of picture, second from the right) who in the last year before the team picture had posted record numbers of 8 goals, 20 assists in 47 games.

Needless to say, with a coach that has been dead for over 60 years, and a front office staff who can’t correctly identify the General Manager, the Oilers will emerge victorious in this contest of mismatched franchises against the Blackhawks.

Fearless Prediction:

Oilers 11 Blackhawks 0.

Season record of predictions (0-1).