Well I’ll be durned!


If the Stars didn’t walk in here and do exactly what the OilersNation challenged them to do: beat the Oil in a shootout. I suppose one can’t get too upset; the Oilers have 14 of the last 20 points available, and this last game was against the division-leading Dallas Stars. Still it was good to see the Dustin “DP27” Train operating at maximum velocity. If the Oil maintain that level of play, they’re a playoff-bound team. If someone suggested that a month ago, you would have asked their nurse to up the dosage on their brain meds.

The OilersNation crew was in attendance at the game last night, and the holiday cheer-beer was flowing. You will have to excuse the late post today, we woke up under a bridge on Gretzky Drive, and had to hike to find an internet connection.