Before it was even called Rexall…


Does anyone remember the last time the Oilers played host to the Devils? That’s right. You don’t. Because it was a really, really, really long time ago. And even though it’s been even longer since we actually beat the Devils, tonight will be much, much different.

Trust us.

We know what you’re thinking: the last time the Devil’s lost was a balmy October day in 1995. Well, friends, a lot’s happened since then: Stanley Cup runs, the loss of Smytty, Moreau being sidelined, Horcoff more than taking up the slack… This is a Oilers’ team ready to throw cold water on these douches.

Tonight, watch for the Shawn Horcoff/Zach Parise show; both lead these teams in goals and assists. Except Horcoff will mop the floor with Parise.

Tonight’s prediction: Oil 3, Devils 1.

Go Oil!