You know what grinds our gears?


(speaking with a sarcastic tone)

You know what really grinds our gears? When the OilersNation breaks. On a Friday afternoon. When our web hosting company goes home. On a weekend with two games, including a 12-alarm beating at the hands of the Hurricanes.

And can we write about it? No.

Then the Oil whip the Thrashers 4-2 and Sam Gagner scores a goal that could signify his arrival as a rootin’-tootin’-ring-a-ding-dong-dandy of a player. Then Daryl Katz emerges out of his solid gold mansion and it would appear that his bid for the Oilers is going to go through after all.

Can we write about it? Nope.

Short of Chris Pronger calling a press conference to say he ditched his gargoyle wife and is returning to Edmonton, or the NHL doing a goal review 19 months late and disallowing the Hurricanes two goals in the second period of game seven of the finals, there could not be more things going on in the OilersNation right now.

And it REALLY GRINDS OUR GODDAMN GEARS that the website was broken and all everyone got was error messages all weekend. Suffice to say that we were working on some improvements to the site and the whole thing crashed. And the company we contract to do the work was asleep at the switch all weekend. The problem seems to be resolved, and apparently won’t happen again.

What sorts of things piss you off, Nation? What makes you want to crack open people’s heads and feast on the goo inside?



The OilersNation Team