Holy Snap! People are giving us mad props!


Well, it was a long and cold All-Star Weekend. And like so many of the NHLers who showed up at the All-Star Game, we too thought we would mail one in this weekend and “think” of posts, but not actually write anything.

So imagine our surprise when we checked our traffic count and found that it went through the roof over the weekend! How could this be, we wondered? Nothing really happened—it was the All-Star break for heavens sake.

Then we saw this.

A sweet write up on the Nation by Journal writer David Staples, under the heading “Item: Best of the Oilogosphere.” Staples writes, “I don’t know much about this blog, Oilers Nation, other than it has humorous graphics…Having read through a number of posts, I can tell you this blog is worth reading and linking to. Someone is putting in a lot of effort, is posting regularly and has some acute observations about the Oilers. The blog also has a major presence on Facebook, if you’re into that kind of thing.”

Oh baby, that’s some sweet sweet literary justice:

  • “Someone is putting in a lot of effort”—guilt as charged. 
  • “Humerous graphics”—could that be the cartoon “Last Oiler Fan on Earth?” which debuted to scorn and ridicule? Oh man.
  • “Major presence on Facebook”—you know it! 992 members and counting!

Just as we were taking the lid off a 24 of Jack Daniels to celebrate our victory we found this: a shout out from PunjabiOil—a well-known Oilers blog. “Hilarious. Great site. I recommend reading some other entries on that site.”

Hilarious? Great site? WTF? Two shout outs during one weekend?

*turns into a puff of joy dust*