This is what happens when you trade Ryan Smyth


What we have here, lambs, is a full on curse. It’s just hit the newswires that Horcoff will be out for the remainder of the season with a shoulder injury that was aggrevated by a fall at the All-Star Game.

This has to be the first recorded instance of someone being injured at an All-Star Game, much less a season-ending injury suffered at the All-Star Game. It comes at an awesome time too, with the chances of a post season berth looking slimmer than a hungry Nichole Richie.

What the hell is the deal with all these injuries?!

We’re kicking around the idea here that the Oilers are cursed since they traded Smyth. His leg is broke, the Oil are screwed, Kevin Lowe voodoo doll sales are at an all time high.

What do you think, Nation?