You don’t see that too often


Oh, if only we had a nickel for every time that we have walked away from an Oilers game saying “Well, they didn’t deserve it; they were outplayed. But thank heavens Brodziak scored two in the third and the Oil beat the division leaders.”

Yes sir, if we had a nickel for every time that happened we’d have half a small Tim Hortons coffee. But that one, shiny five-cent piece that the Oilers would have given us last night will sit in our hope chest for years to come. We’ll look at the nickel next to our Celine Dion ticket stub and think “oh yes, that was the night Garon made 568 saves and the Oilers won 4-2 to come within sneezing distance of the Avalanche—a mere 8 points from 8th place.”

Garon played an absolute whale of a game—it’s clear that this guy is no joke. Having read that Roloson wants out of town, I think the Oil can safely grant him his wish—him and his $3.6 million dollar salary can now be spared. Garon doesn’t want that kind of money. All he wants is a warm bed to sleep in, a well-stretched hamstring and a case of wine per fortnight. These are demands we can live with, aren’t they Daryl Katz? One can’t help but laugh at the Kings for picking Jason LaBarbera as their starter and cutting Garon loose. How are things down there in the basement by the way, LA?

The Mighty Oil, on the other hand, have won three of their last four, which begs the question: why are you doing this now and not when it mattered? But wins are wins, a nickel is a nickel, and half a small Tim Hortons coffee cup is… oh gross, it’s cold.

Nation out.