Good game, good game, good game


Decent victory last night by the Oil, we must say. Beating the Sharks ain’t no joke now, is it lambs? An entertaining hockey game, and one cannot say enough about Garon’s tending yet again. Someone needs to sign him to a new deal… *ahem*

And boy howdy, watching Pisani score that goal takes us back to The Run of ’06. We remember watching one game at Rexall and encountering a young fellow like ourselves in the beer line. He had on a Pisani jersey and we said something to the effect of “Woooo Pisani, way to go buddy”—remember there were beers being sold. He looked at us like we had just asked him shake it off and put it back in our pants in the Men’s Room and sneers “Yeah… he’s my cousin, eh?”

Well, we didn’t know what to do. We just stopped dead in our tracks and looked at this guy and shared an uncomfortable moment. We had three choices, Nation:

  1. Get into it with a fellow Oilers fan—distant Pisani cousin or not.
  2. Laugh in his face.
  3. Get another beer.

So we went option three, and walked back to our seats for the next period. Lo and behold who is sitting across the aisle and one row up? If it isn’t Mr. “Pisani is my cousin and that makes me a Pisani.”

The game continued and Pisani scores. What did we do? We had to do something! You guessed it, we ran down to the bottom of the section and started high fiving everyone on the aisle. When we got to “He’s my cousin eh” we put our hand out to give him five. When he took the bait, we pulled back and combed our hair with our hand—those of you who know this move understand what we’re saying. Everyone sitting around him laughed, he was clearly embarrassed and we took credit for the win on home ice.

OilersNation: 1… Pisani’s fifteenth cousin twice removed: 0

If you kids are good, one day we’ll tell you our other funny Oilers stories from The Run of ought-six which include:

  1. The time against Detroit in the first round that we made a Stanley Cup and ended up throwing it at a Red Wings fan when the Oilers scored in OT.
  2. The time against the Sharks, when down 3-1 in the series, we almost got into a fight with Gene Principe’s dad outside of the Northlands Spectrum. He identified himself as Gene Principe’s dad after calling out the Oilers as losers and sure enough it worked—we loves our Gene Principe and would never try and mix it up with Papa Principe.
  3. The time we scored tickets to game 6 of The Finals and drank 16 hockey beers—one for each win required to win the Cup. The game gets blurry after that.

But not today lambs, that’s enough magic for one day.

*sound of crickets chirping*