T’was the day before the trade deadline and… nothing


We have been hard at work, in between ducking coworkers and ignoring phone calls, trying to find out anything ANYTHING about trade rumors for the Oil. Bob MacKenzie at TSN is reporting that the Oilers are one of the teams sniffing around for Brad Richards. Decent. They are also reporting that Hossa is close to moving over to the Senators for a run at the Cup. He didn’t work out there once already, but whatever. But other than that, Tanguay and Sundin have both indicated they aren’t leaving anytime soon, and there isn’t a lot going on.

Oh yeah, a one-legged Petr Forsberg signed a one-year deal with the Avs, if that matters to anyone. The Avs are in ninth and Forsberg is reportedly considering replacing his oft-surgeried ankle with a nice piece of lamb in the offseason.

If things are this quiet tomorrow on deadline day, we are glad that we don’t have to be on air anywhere talking about sweet tweet for six hours.

Keep checking in during the day tomorrow, Nation, because the instant something occurs, our co-worker Office Guy will run down the hall screaming the trade at the top of his lungs like he does every year. Oh Office Guy, what do you even do around here?