Painful times for the Oilers and OilersLite


So Pitkanen was back in the Oilers lineup against the Kings, after taking a shot off his ankley-bone. It’s a good thing too, because the Oil have only 20 players on their roster. Why doesn’t MacT bring someone up from the farm to plug the holes? Well, they can’t because the Springfield lads are just as beat up—with nine players out of the lineup due to injury.

So the next time you stub your toe and think, “Ouch that hurt,” thank your lucky stars you don’t play for the Oilers. Cause they get hurt, lambs; they get hurt more than Tina Turner did when she was married to Ike.

Is it too soon for an Ike Turner joke, given that he passed away recently? No, lambs, its never too soon to laugh again.