Oilers score six times and it ain’t even 5pm yet!


Robin Brownlee earlier in the day:

“SAM SAYS: Blackhawks win 4-2.

Well Robin, you can make that record 1–1 because, as we all just witnessed, the Oil won 6-5 in OT. Now we know that Sam is fairly young, and toddlers don’t often take into account momentum and determination. What is it with kids these days and their lack of faith? Anyway, a couple of marginally older fellows helped the Oilers prove one of their mates wrong, and dropped six bombs in the Hawks’ net.

With a combined age of 62, Cogliano, Gagner and Robert T. Nilsson combined for six points and overcame two one-goal deficits en route to an overtime win. Why do the Oil save this kind of effort for a Sunday afternoon game? We hate watching hockey when its light out, unless the Oil are deep, deep in the playoffs. Then we suppose it’s OK.

Since we’re making predictions today on the Nation, here’s a prediction of our own:

Someone in the papers tomorrow will make a reference to a high-scoring game being reminiscent of “the ’80s.” This is a crock—it’s time to start referring to high scoring games as big wins, not the ’80s. The ’80s began almost 30 years ago, and it’s time to put them away in the past. If we referred to everything that’s good as being part of the ’80s our conversations would go like this:

“Dude, I went to Hudsons downtown last night and got ’80s hammered. I swear it was like 1982 when people used to go to bars and get a whole bunch of 1980s beers in ’em. Then I met this girl who looked like she stepped out of a 1980s fashion magazine. We talked all night and then went home like it was 1986.”

See? Stop living in the ’80s for heaven’s sakes, sportswriters. Except Robin Brownlee, of course. He drives around in a rocket car wearing one of those tin foil one-piece suits that people wear in the future in movies.