Who are we? Who are you?


Dear OilersNation,

Who the heck is “the nation?”


We’ve been getting sweated recently by some to identify ourselves, or at the least come up with a better name than “The Nation.” Fair enough; it lacks imagination. But we were voted “least likely to amount to anything” in high school, so cut us some slack.

We were born and bred in Edmonton, and we have been Oilers fans since Mats Lindgren was going to be the man around these parts. We just had some things we wanted to say, and thought we would start writing. The fellows who started bring94home.com were kind enough to let us post here when they started up this site, so away we went.

We aren’t professionals anything, but we can slam a beer and throw a punch at your sister faster than you can believe—guaranteed. And we can’t say enough good and bad things about the Oil and the OilersNation. We aren’t a fan of any particular player, coach or GM. We just live and die cheering for the jersey, and anyone lucky enough to wear it and call Edmonton home. So if you keep reading, we’ll keep writing. Even if Robin Brownlee is better than us, though we would never tell him that.

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—Wanye Gretz