CONTEST: Win tickets to the Oil vs the Blues on Tuesday March 11th!


UPDATE: The Contest is closed. We’ll be announcing the winner at lunchtime today. Go Oil! 

Do you like free stuff? How about free Oilers tickets on for Tuesday’s game?

We got an email from a dear, sweet child recently:

Dear OilersNation,

I’m sick *cough cough*and need medicine *cough cough* can you find it in your hearts to send me to an Oilers Game?


Timmy the Orphan Child

Timmy, seeing as how you’re not long for this earth, we don’t want to give you tickets to anything. We want to give Oilers tickets to someone who will be able to cherish the memory for years to come. So rather than giving the tickets to you, we are going to have another Photo Contest. For all of our readers, new and old, we offer the following:

Send your best OilersNation fan pics to Our crack team of monkeys are currently hard at work writing articles, but they will take the time to pick the top three entries. We will then kick it over to our newest team member Robin Brownlee. If he can figure out how to open attachments on an “electronic mail,” he will pick the winner. The winning person—or possibly robot—will then go to Hudsons Downtown to have a beer and whatever else a $50 gift certificate gets them, and grab the tickets before game time on Tuesday night.

Contest closes at midnight on Monday. So fire up the Facebook, steal someone elses photos cause YOU are too lazy to take pictures and submit them as your own.

Good luck!