Vancouver’s priorities are crystal clear


“If I had a nickel for every time I was wrong, I’d be flat broke”
—Wanye Gretz

So we’re in Vancouver right now. It sucks because we have missed two Oilers games, which aren’t shown on Sportsnet Pacific.

Fair enough.

So we went to watch the highlights last night. TSN is a freaking poker marathon and there are no highlights to be seen. Sportsnet, some talk show.

Fair enough.

So we watched the sports of the local news here in Van City. They lead with the Canucks game highlights.

Fair enough.

Then they interview Coach Vignault. Then they show the Sedins. Then the upcoming schedule. Then a feature on Kesler. Then a couple more games.

But still no Oilers. We’re one province over!

Then they show Stompgate with He Who Must Not Be Named in Anaheim. Still no Oilers.

Then, after a set commercials, when it must be Oilers time, when they’ve run a feature on Kuwaiti sand polo pre-season matches and have talked about everything under the sports sun but the one thing that matters, what do they show?

Billy freakin’ Crystal getting an at-bat for the Yankees.

What the hell?! Who cares about Billy Crystal? Before the Mighty Oil highlights?! Is everyone out here on drugs?

Do people in Vancouver really want to watch Billy Crystal whiff at muff balls tossed underhand at spring training instead of a divisional rival match-up in the playoff drive?

If this is what Vancouveronians really want to watch on TV, someone please let us know so we can build a panic room in our house and live out the rest of our days eating nothing but canned creamed corn and breathing recycled air while the rest of the world goes insane.

‘Cause we would rather spend our life behind a locked sealed door than be a part of society where Billy C leads the Oil in a sportscast.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    I watched Panic Room once, not a got movie. But what you say is so true, members of white collar metropolis's dont get it when it comes to sport. You have a better chance hearing about posh spice farting back stage on the spice girls reunion tour then seeing the oilers highlights in some of these "cultural" cities.


    Oh i heard that

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Trying to to find and time Oiler highlites on any of the stations is near impossible. And if I do happen to find luck out and see them I'm always disappointed to find that they only show a goal or two in a 6-5 game.

    I've resorted to going to the Oiler site and getting teh highlites off there. Much better, and no waiting!

    BTW, you didn't want to see the highlites from last night anyway.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    If you're stuck in Vancouver… like I have been for several years, you get your fix in gastown. By that I mean you go watch the oilers at the black frog at Cambie and water… just by the steam clock. The owners there used to work at the black dog and have designated it the oilers bar in vancouver. Every oilers game is shown with sound on the big screen, even on canucks game nights. On average there are 3 or 4 people that wear jerseys.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Thats super interesting Stache_Master. I would love to send the black frog some OilersNation stuff in tribute. If you happen to know how to get ahold of them – email me here at the site at

    This goes for any out of town bars that love the Oil. Get in touch with us and become official embassies of the OilersNation. We are coming out with some wall art for next year.