Bertuzzi: the coach made me do it

I know this isn’t about the Oil, but it has relevance for all NHL players.

Todd Bertuzzi is trying to implicate his former coach Marc Crawford in the brutal sucker punch that ended Steve Moore’s hockey career. According to this article from Global National, Bertuzzi’s alleging that Crawford instructed Canucks players to dish out some payback on Moore for knocking out Markus Naslund.

From the article:

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“‘It’s unreasonable understanding of any contract, even for a professional hockey player to say that it binds you to go out and intentionally injure someone,’ he said. ‘Hockey has a lot of opportunity inside and outside the boundaries of the game to do something that exposes someone to a risk of injury. I don’t think it’s unreasonable that direction given by Crawford meant to engage Moore in a fight. It’s a stretch to say that Crawford’s directions meant to intentionally injure Moore.'”

I think Bertuzzi’s a bit out to lunch if he’s trying to implicate Crawford. Maybe he should admit that what he did was one of the douchey-est moves in hockey, and leave Crawford out of it. Unless Crawford actually told his players to “end Moore’s career,” I think it’s a bit of a stretch to blame him.

  • Amber McCormick

    I just watched the video again and it left me with the same sick feeling in my stomach as when I first saw it. At no time during the video did I see Crawford come out on the ice, take Bertuzzi's fist and drive it into Moore's head.
    Stop shifting blame. It was YOU, Bertuzzi, that hit Moore. It was YOU that ended his career and it's YOU that has to live with it.

  • 1011011

    I dont know about that. I think that Moore getting injured has something to do with a bit of bad luck. The play was nasty, and clearly dirty but I have seen worse that haven't resulted in the injury like Moore received and the guy got booted from the game at worst.

    This lawsuit needs to be settled and the game needs to move on