Mr. Awesome gone for the series


Just when you go to the trouble of calling out a player, he is injured and out for the season. The Vancouver Sun is reporting that notorious NHL bad boy Sean Avery (did you know he dated Elisha Cuthbert?) has lacerated his spleen and is gone for the series.

The New York Daily News originally reported “sources as saying that the 28-year-old winger was not breathing and in cardiac arrest at the time of his admission to St. Vincent’s Hospital.”

Apparently this isn’t the case and instead “There was no cardiac arrest. He has a lacerated spleen, suffered from a hit during the game.” This according to Rangers Spokesman John Rosasco, who we all know owes me $20 and can’t be trusted.

Martin Brodeur must be smiling up in heaven somewhere don’t you think? Call him Fatso. How about calling you lacerated-spleeno? How does that feel?


  • I'm a Scientist!

    You know I would like Avery if he was an oiler, but since he is not I pray for infection and his little blackbook of hollywood celeberties.

    I would then call Elisha Cuthbert and fly her to Edmonton, so we can play our own real life game of 24. But hopefully in the bedroom.

    Who am i kiding I am a dork

    One thing I do know is Sean Avery is a loser and it does not take a dork to know that. Unless we sign him of course.

    Here is to the Oilers signing Fabian Burndstrom