This time the Leafs ain’t kidding around

(Could this man lead the Leafs to victory?)

We’re watching SportsCentre hoping Lowe would announce the surprise signing of Sidney Crosby. Instead we got to witness the leathered remains of Zombie Cliff Fletcher get wheeled in front of the media so he could fire Paul Maurice and the rest of the Leafs coaching staff.

They want a change so badly they fired the GM, coach, all the assistant coaches and all of the ushers of even-numbered sections in the Air Canada Centre.

Could it be that the mysterious powers-that-be in Toronto have finally awoken from their 41-year slumber and have realized it shouldn’t be this hard to ice a winner? Did they see Philly rebuild in two years and say “me too”?

Fletcher originally said he would wait to talk to the new GM, before they decided on coaching, but he’s now changed direction. Is someone waiting in the wings to take the helm and wants a clean slate?

Who’s going to lead the gong show that is the Leafs? Who would want to run the show?