An open letter to Curtis Glencross

Dear Curtis,

We saw you yesterday on the telematrix device, at the press conference in Calgary. We saw how you look in Flames Red. We saw the look on your face, as you realized what you’ve done to your career.

Enjoy playing in Calgary, you traitor. Enjoy Mike Keenan. Enjoy Todd Bertuzzi bringing his unique brand of joy to the dressing room. Enjoy a long off-season when you miss the playoffs. Don’t worry about the Oilers — they will be fine.

And best believe someone is going to smack the crap out of you when you set foot on Rexall Ice.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust: GlenX you’re dead to us.


The OilersNation

  • Hey I live here and still don't blame the guy for leaving, the flames have been the better team by points and actually make the playoffs! Maybe if Lowe wasn't so inept we could have kept this up and coming talent.

  • oilerpride, right Kevin Lowe is inept…right sorry forgot about his whole ineptness. Would have called Sather inept? Sather put ONE team together and as the puzzle pieces left, the team struggled to be competitive. Not to mention the terrible draft picks year after year. Was money the issue for him? Clearly no as in New York ha hasn't faired any better. So Kevin Lowe is the Best thing the Oilers have going for them not to mention one of the most respected individuals in the hockey world. No where in his track record in the history of Kevin Lowe is there ANYTHING that could be remotely considered inept. The Oilers are the envy of the league right now along with the Pens and Wings because we have an incredible abundance of young talent on an exciting team, solid ownership and an incredible fan base. Hardly evidence of this supposed ineptitude.



    –This is one of the funniest posts I've seen in years!– Laughed for a good minute! Nice work even though you are an Oilers fan!

  • "The Oilers are the envy of the league right now along with the Pens and Wings"



  • Wow that's alot of emotion for a guy that was barely an Oiler…..he's probably hoping the stench of Edmonton finally came off when he got a decent jersey on. Honestly, what should it matter to the oiler faithful where Glencross signs? He's just doing what most other hockey players do after spending a season or so in the Chuck – LEAVING. ROFL!!!!