A question that should be asked

Now you wouldn’t guess it from reading what we write, the bridge under which we live or from our awesome sword collection, but your old pal Wanye isn’t actually a crazy vagrant. In fact we actually have a “day job” that requires using our actual “brain” in the exciting world of “finance” (read: boredom). And for those of you who pay attention, some interesting things are happening in the world of dollars and cents these days. And by interesting we mean terrifying

The US Financial Meltdown is why we had to load up on Colt 45s and head down to Calgary last week and is also why we are also leaving town again today until the end of the week. It would seem that the complete collapse of investment banking isn’t good for “business” and that some “people” require “paycheques” at the end of the “day.” Apparently the rest of us have to come up with a “plan to mitigate disaster.”

We know what you’re asking: “What does this have to do with anything Wanye?” Or maybe “Wanye, do you know where I can get a good deal on shot guns and canned food for the coming apocalypse?”

Well ordinarily we would agree that financial theories and manifestos have no place on a hockey website. Then we saw the poll question at canoe.ca this morning.

The question asks “What storyline will most likely happen in the NHL this season?” Ordinarily the winning selection would be “SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT” but oddly enough look how things are currently standing:

A whopping 38 per cent of people seem to think that the American financial crisis impacting the operations of the NHL will be the major storyline in the NHL this season. A fellow in our office—and a loyal nation reader—tipped us off to the poll and the following conversation occurred:

Him: “You should write something about the possible impact of a severe recession on the NHL. I bet you could write something interesting about it.”

Me: “Well that’s just a terrific idea Gary*. Why don’t I also do an in depth piece on weather patterns delaying team planes, forcing teams to have less sleep than planned and therefore losing their game the following night.”

Him: “I don’t get it.”

Me: “If we are trying to bore people to death perhaps I should at least take a meteorological angle not a financial one.”

Him: “I don’t get it.”

Me: “Shut it Gary*.”

*His real name.

Then he pointed me to the poll at Canoe and then I pointed him to the door. But the question needs to be asked. What would the impact of a severe recession/depression be on the NHL? But then another question needs to be asked. Does anyone want to read about this? ‘Cause one time me and Willis committed to writing a four-part article on Gilbert Brule and it almost killed us. But if the citizens of the Nation care, then we will do some actual “work” and prepare a piece. If this sort of thing bores you we also have an idea for an article tentatively titled “The effects of Tupac’s faked death on Luongo being named Captain of the Canucks.”

You pick.

Leave some comments. Vote in the poll. Let us know what you want.

Another thing

Like many of you we watched the game against the Flames last night and heard the announcers complaining about the quality of the ice. We could literally hear the citizens of the Nation saying “Oh that damn Wanye. He don’t know nothing ‘bout no ice being fixed at no Rexall Place.”

We stand by our story that we talked directly to the refrigeration engineer that did the work on Rexall and who told us exactly what we wrote in the article—things are going to be better this year due to equipment upgrades. Perhaps it’s cause it was +27 yesterday or perhaps it’s cause of something else, but it sure is clear the ice is no better at Rexall than it was last year so far.

Another other thing

The draft is being signed up to en masse. It brings a tear to our eye to see the level of thought being put into the team names. “The Dr Randy Gregg Experience” is the early leader for hilarity, followed by the tasteless “Phil Kessel’s something something.” We highly suggest everyone sign up. We have a feeling it will turn into war shortly after the season starts. And you know what we call people that don’t participate in wars?


You don’t want to be from France do you?

Sign up here.

  • Hmmp – maybe during this reverse upward trend in the stock markets it might solve some problems with teams in Nashville etc.

    The only thing I care about is my savings evaporating faster than a line of coke in front of Lindsay Lohan.

  • pfft. If it ain't a trade rumor or CHAMPIONSHIP lineup speculating at least two lines of Falcon players lighting it up I don't want to read it!

    seriously though, I'd be interested in an article discussing the economics and how it may impact franchise location and the salary cap in the future.

  • Sorry to endorse some more actual work out of you, but I'm going to have to vote on the yay side of a report on the effects of the financial crisis on the NHL. I think it would be very interesting. Seriously. That is all…

  • I agree with the dude above. I come to this site for everything hockey.

    My 2 cents,

    The financial crisis is going to cause a complete reversal from what small market canadian teams experienced in the 90's. If the Salary Cap goes down (which I guarantee it will), don't be surprised if the CBA gets challenged and players have to agree to another roll-back like they did after the lock-out, and the disparity between the floor and the cap of team salaries will likely be increased (I personally think that it will go to a 32 floor 50 cap). Small market teams in the States will have to operate like the Oilers, and not to what the league sets as a max budget but rather their owners.

    This of course is good for Canadian teams because of our increased trading with overseas countries, our dollar will probably not dip any lower than what it is currently and will keep the Canadian markets as the top franchises in the NHL outside places like New York, ETC.

  • Time to leverage Bettman into allowing more teams into the more financially secure Canadian market. The timing is horrible with the election coming as all the politicians in the land down under us are all jockeying for votes and most of the public was looking at it as a cash grab. Which it wasn't. Might finally topple the Oligarchy… too bad;)

  • I'd love to hear about the hockey/finance situation from an "insider" perspective.

    PS: the NHLPA will NOT accept a role back in wages. Would you, average joe? What is the NHL going to threaten lay-offs? No, because new-owners, like Basitille, will setup. They have an empty building in Kanas City, a new building going into Las Vegas, southern Ontario could support at least one more team (most likely two), and Quebec City could all support NHL teams. Economic down turn will hurt some teams, but there always be millionaires and they will want their toys (it even might be a good investment to buy a team during the down turn, move it Kanas, hold on to it as it breaks even at the salary floor, and sell it in five or ten years when it is worth twice as much).

  • Write the piece on the economic implications of the worlds current financial situation and the potential impending doom; and, God willing final nail in the coffin for some of these struggling U.S shit hole market franchises that are currently a drain and disappointment to us all. Perhaps this is the straw the breaks the camels back and forces the count to lay his hand on the table and bring teams back to Canada. Although Tupac fake death and NHL could be kick ass as well. Other possibilities include a statistical analysis of the likely hood of the Pope and some his finest miracle workers pulling some string and pulling T.O out of the basement season. Good F-ing luck Leafs is all i have to say. Followed up with a strong eat it Toronto media. Maybe now they'll focus on the west. Great job Wayne.