They say you learn something new every day. Yesterday we learned that broken laptops can’t fly when you toss them off your balcony. Today we learned the following interesting statistic:

Boston is the only NHL team to have a winning record against the Oilers at Rexall Place in Edmonton, owning a 15-11-3-1 advantage entering Monday’s contest. The Bruins haven’t lost to the Oilers since October 17, 2000.

This seems to be a pretty amazing statistic, but I guess it’s a throwback from the good ol’ days when the Oilers would stomp every team in the league whilst wearing fanciful ‘80s moustaches and listening to Bruce Springsteen while driving to the rink in their Cameros.

We could use a cool moustache and some Born in the USA right about now. We’ve got a 2008-sized headache and it’s getting worse by the day.

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What is the story with the Mighty Oil? After we suffered catastrophic computer failure during the third period last night, we sat back in the OilersNation HQ and discussed the team’s fortunes the old fashioned way—by talking out loud. It had been awhile since we had taken this approach but we soon remembered how to talk. It’s sort of like typing but without a keyboard.

MacT is of the mind that the main difference between the 4–0 Oilers of 2008 and the 0–3 Oilers of 2008 is “Special teams and goaltending. That’s the difference. That’s it.” It’s a convenient answer and certainly one that holds some water considering the PK is somehow ranked 31st in the league and the once-hot PP isn’t much better.

In what remains of our mind, the Oil are lacking in virtually every department at the moment. There is no outlet pass being sought, no one is skating through the neutral zone and the passing in the offensive zone is on the perimeter at best—and non-existent at worst. The defence is reasonably sound though the penalty kill is lacking in virtually every aspect. By our count the Mighty Oil have probably won around one per cent of the battles for the puck in the last four games which is usually a stat you want to have a hair higher for success.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Let’s hash it out here, Nation.

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What on earth is going on? Tell us please so we can sleep at night!

Wanye Gretz IV

  • Hemsky Hemsky Hemsky Hemsky.

    The guy needs to pick up his game. As much as Smac, Chopper and anyone else on the team can light a fire. When Hemsky is flying the team is winning. Period. This guy needs to be called out. His reaction when he missed on the scoring chance with Nilsson last night was kinda pathetic. He just looked up and shrugged…

    Maybe I'm wrong here but I think he's the catalyst.

  • I think it's time for a new coach. Plain and simple. Nothing against MacT, he has done a decent job for the most part. But Scotty Bowman he is not. I think injecting some new life behind the bench could spark the boys.
    I'm pretty sure John Tortorella and Mark Crawford aren't doing a whole lot, coaching wise. And last time I checked both those guys have rings, as a coach.

  • Has anyone noticed that the Oilers do no dirty work?? When was the last time you saw an Oiler digging in the corner and coming out with the puck—or wearing five slashes in the legs to screen a goalie. They are playing soft and with no intensity.

  • Fish makes a good point.

    Where is the dirty work in the corners, where is the fight to get through the high traffic areas into scoring position.

    The forwards a d corps have talent, but are they missing the work ethic?

    I like Mac t but is there something about his systems that the players don't want to play with? Is everyone so afraid of making a mistake that they grip their stick tighter than Rosie Odonell holding onto a McRib®?

    It's time for a good old fashioned shake up. MORE than a Mac Blender, put some people in the press box, send some down, call some up and put Penner on the same line with Cole and switch up the Hemsky Horcoff duo as they aren't putting up any points.

  • It seems to me that getting the team ready to play from the opening faceoff is the coaches job, and they are clearly not achieving it this year. They got better as the game went on last night, but were brutal off the start, as they have been in almost every game so far this year.

    Also, I know it won't be popular to bad-mouth Rollie after stopping 35 shots in regulation, but I was at the game last night, and he seemed to be a little shaky in net. He almost let a dribbler in under his right pad early, and then did that whole lie down on the puck thing which almost caused him to score on himself. He did get better as the game wore on, but I really don't think he's been as good as people are saying.

    Basically, everyone needs to be better and as Greg MC points out, needs to want it more.

    On a brighter note, I was hugely impressed by Souray's defensive play last night. I don't care what the critics say, that guy is awesome in his own zone.

  • To me it looks like our PP is (edited). We need to somehow have souray open if we are going to only have one play which is how the oilers PP coaches have decided to do it.

    The oil use one PP play – Vis to souray, or souray to vis,on every PP chance we get. It is garbage because teams just stay high and focus on those 2 and they the struggle to even get a shot off. The coaches around the league have shown their incredible intelligence and countered the oils plans. Its garbage. The problem is the coaching, period. What a bunch of uncreative old school hockey minds we got for coaches. KLowes only problem as a GM is that his coaches are garbage. Beyond that he has done a good job of assembling this team. Too much loyalty to MacT and not enough pressure on him to be innovative about the new style of game and the importance of the PP.

    – Above is opinion what the Team n00b1aNpr1N

  • So i guess simply put FIRE MacT!!

    I have switched to the dark side and am not going to fall for his collection of beautiful suits; his well cut hair or his fancy watches. He no longer can get by on his good looks and charm. The n00b1aNpR1n(355 has had and wants a new regime

  • Souray would have to hit the net once in his lifetime for any of that to work.

    Even full strength each shot his about 3/4 of the way up the glass. Why not take something off of it and hit the net for once, possibly get a rebound—what a concept.

  • Are you kidding me? Souray does hit the net, souray has missed the last few games but he most of teh time is just letting wrist shots go. The opposition's D are even letting him to get a bit above the top of the circles. He is being overloaded constantly because the opposition knows there is no point in protecting down low.

    Souray has not even been given a chance to fire recently except when it went of of who ever's chest last night and the guy almost died right then and there as he flopped to the ground in disbelief and in unbelievable pain.

    You are probably the same guy who praises him in the preseason cause he is bombing goals, but then as soon as the opposition figures it out and it doesnt work again you jump on souray. – the classic bandwagon

  • Whoa whoa whoa. Let's save all this hostility for the pensblog or other mediocre members of the hockey community.
    Lets all agree, that our blood pressures are rising as the team finds a way to play shittier and shittier every night.

  • Trim the goaltender carousel to a manageable "2".

    MacT is classic in his "gut" feelings for "his" guys, as long as Roli is around this is going to get worse than better.

    Exhibit A:Remember Marty Sakic-Reasoner playing on the PP last year?

  • Gents, It's 8 games in. Although they've stunk the joint out more often then not, I'll be waiting until mid-season before I start calling for MacT's Head.

    The Oil simply need to understand hard work, more than skill, is the most important ingredient for success.

    The Oil have skill, the Oil need the work ethic now.

  • Whooda thunk Reasoner, Stoll and Greene were so instrumental in our PK and PP. Hmff.

    Stoll was gold on the powerplay too, something he never really got credit for.

    I don't think they're missing Greene at all.

  • "Stoll was gold on the powerplay too, something he never really got credit for."

    Yeah, he broke like a ton of sticks out there, which means he was trying, like really hard. 🙂

    Reasoner and Stoll were both mainstays on that PK and their absence is noticed. The Thing Stolli brought came in game out was a work ethic.

    I believe in the work smarter not harder philosophy but the guy worked hard, not always smart, but hard. you can't knock that. It's something the 08/09 oilers are going to have to do, and that comes from their leaders. Staios, Souray, Moreau, Horcoff. Have to be the driving force for this team work ethic wise on and off the ice.

  • Yeah, he broke like a ton of sticks out there, which means he was trying, like really hard. 🙂

    Stoli also had a hell of a shot. He was shit at EV last year, but he still managed 14 goals, eight of them on the PP to go with three each on the PK and at EV.

  • I actualy liked the look of the Nilson Gagner Hemsky looked pretty darn good last game. (When they were together). Maybe it's time to give Schremp and Brule sometime with the big club. Send Stortini down.