Stauffer gets the call

With Wanye Gretz, The Warrior, Tony Fiorello, Al Nagy and fingernails on a blackboard somehow being overlooked, Bob Stauffer will be the voice of the Edmonton Oilers on 630 CHED for the next seven games.

I’ve just received word Stauffer will take over the microphone from HHOF play-by-play man Rod Phillips, silenced for the upcoming road trip through Nashville, Carolina, Philadelphia, Columbus, Pittsburgh, New Jersey and New York by an ear infection that won’t allow him to fly.

Short of lining the Skipper up with his own bus, à la John Madden, and motoring him across the continent—the Oilers Express would’ve had to have left city limits today to make it to Music City on time—Bombastic Bob was clearly the best option, and the one the Oilers have chosen.

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Stauffer, best known as an outspoken critic of the Oilers on TEAM 1260 during a five-year tenure on Total Sports before Daryl Katz closed his big yap with hush money in the form of a job alongside Phillips, will do play-by-play for all seven games.

Pounding it with Dick and Jack

Stauffer will have Global TV’s Kevin Karius as his analyst for three of the games, which should make for some interesting pre-game preparation at Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge in Nashville—where yours truly once slurred the line, “I’ll take the redhead,” which is a proclamation Karius torments me with at every opportunity. Rob Brown will be Stauffer’s sidekick for four other broadcasts.

Stauffer’s already got one NHL game as a play-by-play man on his resume. He filled in during a game here during the 2000–01 season when San Jose microphone jockey Dan Rusanowsky was injured in a card wreck.

He’s also done play-by-play for more than 400 Alberta Golden Bear hockey broadcasts and more than 100 football broadcasts, so, despite his infamous “Thompson Twins” goal call during one CIS hockey final, Stauffer’s got the chops.

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Phillips, 67, had missed just two regular season games in 35 years before being slowed up by this ear infection.

—Listen to Robin Brownlee every Thursday from 4 to 6pm on Just A Game with Jason Gregor on Team 1260.

  • Travis Dakin

    Tencer is only 23 years old. He has got a lot of learning to do but for his age I think he is doing good. Give him a few years and he will be much better.

  • Dennis

    Once I hear Bob say his First bad word about Kevin Lowe, that's when I'll agree that he was an Oilers critic.

    The guy had a stiffer for MacT, but he spared the "rod" once it came to Combover Lowe.

    Karius has been a clown since Christ wore shortpants and I had to get my Oilers fix on ITV's Sportsnight and I'd feel bad making fun of Rob Brown so I won't.

  • Dave

    I look forward to hearing Bob do play-by-play for the big team just out of curiousity. If anyone has paid their dues and learned and studied the craft of sports radio broadcasting, its Bob.

    However, he is blessed/cursed with a strong and deep voice that is not built for the speed and pace of hockey play-by-play. His pacing and timbre are much better suited to a conversational style rather than the speedy and lyrical style that play-by-play demands.
    He should be an analyst and will continue to be a better and better one.
    By the time this NHL season is done and Bob has a number of NHL games behind him, Oiler fans will appreciate having a knowledgeable, witty and passionate analyst alongside the playcaller.

    I do hope he stays in that role, though.
    P-b-P calls the play and that role is a little more limited. A voice with more character and better pacing is meant to do that job.
    Bob's insights and knowledge base are perfect to literally "add colour" to the game. Give us facts, stats, insights and analysis.
    I find ex-players, as a general rule with exceptions (Ferraro especially) to be limited in their personality and willingness to add information we want.
    Most ex-players are sitting on stories, insights and points of view that we aren't privy to and hockey fans would appreciate sharing. But ex-jocks, as a general rule once again, are still ex-jocks and won't let us into their world. They sit on the best stories and insider POVs we want.

    Long comment. Oops. I'm out.