What do you say?

Imagine you’re an Oiler right now. You make gagillions of dollars, you have the adoration of thousands of hard working folks in the OilersNation and you end each work day with a nice, long, hot shower with all of your co-workers.

Pretty sweet, huh?

You have your own dentist on call and a medical staff worthy of a reigning head of state standing by to keep you running at tip-top shape.

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Decent perk.

You have access to trainers, nutritionists and sports psychologists who all want to help you remain at peak performance throughout your career.

Top drawer.

So if you’re an Oiler right now, what do you say to the trainer who arrives at work early to ice your injured hamstring? What do you tell your psychologist who had you thinking you were going to take on the world just a few weeks ago?

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What do you say to your coaching staff, who’ve gone on record saying they see the most potential of any team in awhile wearing the copper and blue? They look like fools now and I’m sure they aren’t pleased.

What do you say to your teammates who are clearly lost in the woods?

What do you say to the reporters seeking answers?

How do you look anyone in the eye?