What do you say?

Imagine you’re an Oiler right now. You make gagillions of dollars, you have the adoration of thousands of hard working folks in the OilersNation and you end each work day with a nice, long, hot shower with all of your co-workers.

Pretty sweet, huh?

You have your own dentist on call and a medical staff worthy of a reigning head of state standing by to keep you running at tip-top shape.

Decent perk.

You have access to trainers, nutritionists and sports psychologists who all want to help you remain at peak performance throughout your career.

Top drawer.

So if you’re an Oiler right now, what do you say to the trainer who arrives at work early to ice your injured hamstring? What do you tell your psychologist who had you thinking you were going to take on the world just a few weeks ago?

What do you say to your coaching staff, who’ve gone on record saying they see the most potential of any team in awhile wearing the copper and blue? They look like fools now and I’m sure they aren’t pleased.

What do you say to your teammates who are clearly lost in the woods?

What do you say to the reporters seeking answers?

How do you look anyone in the eye?

  • I dunno how to say this, but I watched a Leafs game the other night…ok…check that…I watched a New Jersey game the other night, and I would agree, that team shows no quit. I think it's a product of not having any positive expectations. There is ZERO weight on the shoulders of that team. Ron Wilson even said b4 the season started he didn't have any expectations for his team, other than just playin' hockey.

  • Tombo

    These guys should be emberrased by the way they've played so far. They need to snap out of this in a hurry. Where was the desperation yesterday? Even
    Chopper seemed to be lacking his usual spark…

  • I found this interesting little tid bit over at downgoesbrown.blogspot.com

    "Fact #2: They just do not quit.

    This team skates hard from the opening faceoff to the final buzzer. Every shift. Everybody forechecks, even the guys who everyone knows aren't good at it. They attack the other team's zone relentlessly, pepper shots from everywhere and just never stop swarming.

    If they fall behind, they keep coming at you until they can find a crack somewhere to get back into the game. If somebody gets hit, somebody else steps in and does something about it. They seem to genuinely like playing with each other.

    Everybody blocks shots. Everybody finishes checks. Everybody competes. If they don't, they sit down next game and somebody else gets a chance."

    That's about the Leafs by the way.
    Lee Foglin must be spinning in his grave thanks to the pitiful effort put forth by the Oilers over the last week and a bit.

  • Jason

    I question whether or not Hemsky has a god given right to be the player the team builds around?

    Is he ever going to get it? Is he ever going to be "THE GUY"?

    If the answer is no, what does that mean going forward?

    Hard questions, but I think the team has been more than patient with him. Our so called "best" player has ZERO goals year to date, at a time when the "young" excuse is no longer there. He's a vet now. Start performing like it.

  • Agreed that the accountability factor seems low. Last night as I watched Horcoff skate off the ice, he appeared to have a look on his face like "whatever."

    Something needs to be done to spark these guys. There is far too much talent there to waste on one goal performances like this. Do I suggest firing anyone or trading anyone right now? No. Just something to spark the dressing room and get EVERYONE, not just MacT and MacI fired up out there.

  • Greg MC

    The players cheques are still being cashed… I mean direct deposited. There doesn't seem to be any urgency to their play right now, and it looks like MacT has jumped the shark, as the accountability factor of the players appears low.