GDB 24: Oh so you CAN fire a coach!

So let’s get this straight. Head Coach Peter Laviolette was fired in Carolina today. That’s right, apparently head coaches aren’t Dictators-for-life like we’ve been led to believe. And he WON the Cup in 2006, not like our guy who has recently taken to trying to scrap fans during away games.

Really, MacT? This is how you want to go out, is it. Not with class — but trying to scrap out-of-work lumberyard worker in Dallas as your spectacularly underperforming team implodes in the last two minutes against one of the worst teams in the league? This is the guy Andrew Cogliano is supposed to look to for guidance and inspiration…

Compare and contrast with a team that is willing to hold people accountable for their actions. What’s the deal in Carolina? What would lead to such drastic action being taken? Let’s have a look shall we:

The Hurricanes broke through in the past couple of years with an unlikely Stanley Cup Victory in 2006. They followed up this Championship year by missing the playoffs in 2007–08 and have consistently underachieved since then. They have been mediocre at best so far in the 2008–09 season posting a 12-11-2 record through their first 25 games.

Remind you of anyone? Anyone around here? A Canadian team perhaps? Took their fans on a long Cup run a few years back and then got booted in the beans by some 6’4” donkey? Have played well below the expectations set by their own head coach? A local team? With a new owner looking to make his stamp on the organization?

Ah forget it.

Wonder which of the 15 goalies will be starting tonight…

— Big ups to MSG again for his alerts. And a big thank you to Nation reader Dryden Roesch for sending over the featured cartoon. People with talent are foreign in these parts but this is a classic.