Stay fresh ’til death

Just in time for the holiday season (?) NationGear has arrived. Assuming you don’t start your holiday shopping until the 19th of December -– and you won’t be needing any gifts before Christmas (allow a week for shipping) -– we have the holiday gift of the season for you!

We’ve been getting requests for awhile now to bring out some sort of Nation clothing. We sat down with a local company a few months back and had the longest conversation about clothing in our entire lives. We talked about how we used to proudly wear Boston Bruins sweatpants to school once upon a time but lately find that the hockey gear out there is pretty over the top and can’t be worn for fear “ladies” won’t “talk to us.” We wanted NationGear to look funky fresh – but not overtly “website” or “hockey.”

Then the clothing wizards at Spark talked to some local graphic designers here in E-town and voila: NationGear is born. We had a bunch of questions for the NationDude in charge of all of this, which are neatly summarized below in case you are wondering the same things.

Q&A with the Guy who invented NationGear

Wanye Gretz: Forty bucks for a T-shirt? Who do you think you are -– Tommy Hilfiger?

NationDude: Well Wanye, we aren’t exactly ordering runs of 10,000 shirts here so the cost of the shirts is quite high. We use the best American Apparel brand T-Shirts and high quality printing. Plus we had to pay for designers. That costs money.

WG: We don’t buy it. What else you got?

NationDude: We are also going to donate a significant amount of the proceeds to each shirt to the Kids with Cancer Society. The exact amount per T-shirt run will vary as we hopefully get to order larger runs and prices fall. But from time to time we will update the Nation on how much money we have donated to this excellent cause.

WG: You corporate bastards. What else are you going to try and sell us down the road? Human organs? Mutual Funds? Some sort of salmon-flavoured cola?

Nation Dude: Depending on the response from the Nation we will be introducing hats, hoodies and other t-shirt designs in the near future. All designed by local artists and made here in Edmonton.

WG: Sadly that doesn’t work for us. We only buy apparel made on the steamy shores of Honduras by child labourers so young they can barely stand. That reminds us — is NationGear available in any local stores?

NationDude: For now it is only available here at but we think we will have a deal with an exclusive retailer in 2009.

WG: Most importantly, will wearing NationGear help us score with the ladies?

NationDude: Undoubtedly.

There you have it we guess. Finally we have clothing nice enough to be both married and buried in.

You’re welcome society.