GDB31: Prayer to Santa II

On GDB29 we now famously prayed to Santa – the God of all presents and good things happening around the holidays for a foursome of wins. We have taken some serious ribbing from the Nation, espeically given the Shitanusly bad results of the past two games.

Here is a taste:

#146 Travis Dakin December 16 2008, 9:39 pm.
It appears that Santa really REALLY hates Wanye.

#254 Ender the Dragon December 17 2008, 8:36 am. Wayne … egad man; What the hell did you do that Santa knows about? I think his answer to you was pretty definitive.

So it seems some of you people don’t believe in Santa. That is a rookie mistake bound to leave you heart broken and without presents. We believe in you Santa and know that you will find it on your big old sack of presents to bring us something to the Nation this Christmas.

In order here is what we would like to see tonight:

1. A 67-4 Oilers win
2. CFP take a Souray Slapper directly to the beans
3. RX1 beer vendors to unanimously decide to halve beer prices during the second period
4. Natalie Portman to become disoriented down in LA and somehow arrive at our condo just after closing time tonight
5. A cure for rabies

In that order Santa. Bring it on. Let’s be real here for a moment. We have seen more Ducks hockey this year than we care to mention and there isn’t a single reason we can think of that the Oilers shouldn’t be able to pull out a win tonight. We watched the Panthers hold their own down in Anaheim for heaven’s sakes – why can’t the Oil? (Note: The fact the Panthers won in Edmonton for the first time in 12 years is not a valid comeback. Not during Christmas Nation.)

Closing note

Though we haven’t followed through on our promise to get all the pics from the game against the Blackhawks up on the site yet, we are blown away by the response of the Nation to taking pictures for a $75 Hudsons GC.

What’s better than free booze and wings?

A cure for rabies sure isn’t! So no matter where you are watching the game tonight Nation, take a few pics. The ladies room may be a good place to start if you need some direction.

(BingoFuel note: Do not take pictures in the bathroom people)

(Wanye note: Don’t listen to BingoFuel. Ever since he had ‘the arrest’ he is so meek)

Take the pics. Love the pics. Edit the pics and send the pics to The OilersNation and Hudson’s will be treating you SO well if you do.

Oilers! Oilers!
Clap clap clap