These are a few of my favourite things

“The Oil could potentially win tonight but even that won’t give us enough confidence to scream fearless playoff predictions at the bar later” – Commander W Gretz IV, Jan 3, 2008 6:12 PM MST

This is where our head was going into the game against the Stars on Saturday night. It kind of felt like sitting down to watch an episode of Season One of Star Trek: The Next Generation. You know it’s a good show overall — but all the episodes from that era are all all crappy. Worf looks all weird, Riker has no beard and Dr. Crusher doesn’t get hot till Season Three.

Same with this 2008-2009 Oiler squad. The elements are there but they are all crappy and weaker versions of the team they will hopefully become in a few seasons.

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Saturday night felt exactly like that. It started with our posse trying to be responsible and take the LRT to the game. THAT was short lived as the LRT had conveniently frozen solid. We didn’t even know that was possible but the night didn’t start strong.

Once we were finally able to drag our frozen carcass to the game we sat down expecting to warm ourselves off the self righteous glow of Canadians who had just witnessed a World Junior win. As the game began we realized that it wasn’t much warmer in RX1 than it was outside. And remember subway cars were freezing outside. What is the story with this? We had to know so we went to the one person who will know guaranteed.

The Veteran Usher who knows everything

“Why is it so cold in here?” we asked through chattering teeth.

“Funny you should ask Wanye,” the usher replied nodding knowingly. “We heard a pipe broke in Rexall and they don’t want to fix it cause they know the days of this arena are numbered.”

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Now it’s hard to say if this is true but damn Northlands. You can’t just bang together a new arena in an afternoon. It takes time! In the meantime, it’s colder than the Heritage Classic up in there. Fix that Heatdistribumatrix or whatever it takes.

Here are some other things we liked on a hockey-beer-fueled night:

  • Penner’s one punch on whoever the hell that was.
  • Stortini and Strudwick paper, rock, scissoring for who gets to fight Barch.
  • Cole sniping on the fly. No rebound, no weird bounce. Nothing but net.
  • Mayor McSouray running the show and looking so fresh while doing it.

Will any of this carry forward into tonight’s game against ye olde Islanders? It’s tough to tell these days which cast members will perform on a given night. The only people watching this season of the Oilers show right now are die hard fans and they will watch anything.

Even Riker without a beard.

  • I really hope that Saturday night was the start of something bigger, a team coming together without the dependance of a Hemsky – a team playing like a team.

    I am getting tired of losing to bottom feeders – besides that the islanders should be more worried about how many ping pong balls they need to get Tavares at the end of the year, not beating us!

  • Milli

    Yep. Cole looks great, Gags in coming on, Souray is a madman!!!!! 4th line is finally playing tough creating energy. We win tonight….Unless macT can coach a loss out!!! But seriously, they look like they are starting to come into form. And oh ya, I'm gonna be the real drunk guy behind the penalty box on Wednesday!!!!! 2nd game of the year!!! Hope it's warm there.

  • Onterrible

    “Why is it so cold in here?” we asked through chattering teeth.

    Won't the colder temperature inside Rexall help the poor ice conditions that we have been experiencing in the last few seasons? Wayne, how was the puck last game?

  • Darcy

    I heard that the temp in RX1 had to do with trying to keep the ice colder.

    The ice has been a snowmachine lately and part of the solution is to have the ambient temp in RX1 lower.


  • RBK

    Onterrible wrote:

    “Why is it so cold in here?” we asked through chattering teeth.
    Won’t the colder temperature inside Rexall help the poor ice conditions that we have been experiencing in the last few seasons? Wayne, how was the puck last game?

    I have been to many a game in many a deep freeze and the first period at Rexall was the coldest I have probably ever felt it. Plus you can't argue with an usher LOL

  • Cam

    I wonder when RX2 will happen… or even if it will happen. It seems to me that our city council will never give money to a sports complex, and without the City pushing it I have doubts that the provincial or Federal Governments will pony up.

    I think they should build RX2 before giving money to automakers to build cars no one will buy. The arena money will create jobs and have a ripple effect on the economy just as much.

  • MattL

    Eric Cole at the start of the season was Dr. Crusher with the dark hair. Eric Cole now is Deanna Troi with the miniskirt. Either way, I'm happy to have Souray manning the Farpoint.

  • Joe

    freeze wrote:

    Wanye Gretz wrote:

    Mayor McSouray
    nice. I like that one.
    We will win tonight. Have no worries.

    I got a chuckle out of that too. The problem I see with this game is:

    1) It's out of conference
    2) It's against a team with a losing record
    3) It's against a team with a former Oiler as their captain
    4) Oilers are coming off winning a game by playing very well

    That's a recipe for disaster with this year's team. I hope they prove me wrong, but if history is any indicator of what's going to happen…*shudder*

    Go Oil!

  • shakey

    I agree with Joe.
    This team has for way too long shown that a great game a few nights earlier means nothing.
    I like what I saw against Dallas but they need to play a lot more games in a row like that before I sit down without anticipating disappoinment.
    On the bright side, an Oilers game is like a Christmas gift from your crazy grandma, you never now what you're going to get.

  • I think the Oilers will win even without Horcoff in the lineup. I've been down on my Oilers before but from what I've seen the secondary scoring is coming around just in time to offset the injuries to Hemsky and Horcoff, should he be unavailable.