Is that a Heater in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?

You can believe all the talk this afternoon the Edmonton Oilers are in hot pursuit of Ottawa Senators malcontent Dany Heatley because I’m hearing the very same words from a source close to the situation.

In the wake of a report by TSN’s Bob McKenzie that Oilers GM Steve Tambellini is pitching hard for Heatley, and with time ticking down until the Senators must pay him a $4-million bonus at midnight tonight, I’m hearing that Ottawa GM Bryan Murray is listening.

The names I’m getting as being in the mix are Dustin Penner, as was rumoured earlier today, and Ladislav Smid as part of a package for the talented Heatley.

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“There’s definitely something going on with Edmonton,” a person I trust told me at 5 p.m. this afternoon.


Of course, “something going on with Edmonton,” is open to pretty broad interpretation, but it’s the best information we’ve got with Murray and Tambellini staying tight-lipped — perhaps they’re too busy talking to each other to answer the telephone.
As much peril as there is in the Oilers taking on Heatley’s cap hit, you’d have to think there’s just as much risk for Murray with Penner, who has been mediocre in two seasons with the Oilers and packs a $4.25 million cap hit.

Penner broke into the NHL with Anaheim after Murray’s tenure as GM with the Ducks ended. Smid, who was drafted by Anaheim in 2004, didn’t turn pro until after Murray was gone. Still, Murray knows both players.

While I’m not willing to make a quantum leap that ongoing talks between Tambellini and Murray are headed to a done deal — there are indications Los Angeles and San Jose are also interested — there’s enough smoke here to believe there’s some fire.
If the Oilers come out on top in the Heatley sweepstakes — an outcome that could be finalized by the stroke of midnight, given the $4-million bonus — don’t be surprised if Penner and Smid are involved.

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  • Harlie

    Diggy mob mo wrote:

    @ Cam:
    Horc is a second line centerman we need a first line centerman possibly???

    A centremen that sucks at faceoffs. Yeah that worked well for us.

  • Cup2010

    Good trade by the Oilers. I wish we could have traded Greb's instead of Smid – only because I think we need to be bigger on our D line and Smid was just starting to come into his game.

    Still I don't think we are even close to being done for trades yet. Looking forward to tomorrow.

    Go Oilers

  • Hemmertime

    @ Cup2010:
    likely wont do much untill after the frenzy, when teams have missed out on their needs, or have surplus…im still thinking that 4 offensive dmen is far to many and one must be moved.

  • Fiveandagame

    Diggy mob mo wrote:

    @ Harlie:
    Dude horc is a complete tool and cogliano can actually win a draw i wuldnt care if horc went to ottawa

    Dude stop huffing the nail polish.

  • Robin Brownlee

    Diggy mob mo wrote:

    @ Harlie:
    Dude horc is a complete tool and cogliano can actually win a draw i wuldnt care if horc went to ottawa

    Are you making an effort to sound like a mouth-breathing rube with no clue while tryng to play gangsta or does it come naturally?