‘Suitcase’ packs his bags for Oil City


The Oilers filled the void of Bob Mancini with Mike Sillinger, who spent 17 years in the NHL. “Suitcase” Sillinger, a nickname he earned after playing for 12 different NHL teams, will start immediately.

Here is a quote from the Oilers press release.

“We are very excited to have Mike fill such an important role with us,” said Tambellini. “We know his experience of 1,000-plus NHL games will benefit our younger players and the development of their careers.”

As a member of the Oilers Hockey Management Team, Sillinger will work closely with all Oiler draft picks in the junior, college and European ranks. He will also be working with Edmonton’s prospects in the AHL and ECHL.

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Sillinger has seen action with 12 NHL clubs, most recently suiting up for the New York Islanders last year. Originally drafted 11th overall in 1990 by the Detroit Red Wings, Sillinger began his NHL career in Detroit before continuing on to play for the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, Vancouver Canucks, Philadelphia Flyers, Tampa Bay Lightning, Florida Panthers, Ottawa Senators, Columbus Blue Jackets, Phoenix Coyotes, St. Louis Blues, Nashville Predators and New York Islanders.

Mancini returned to the Oilers as Development Coach in 2007, but was let go earlier this year. He was also previously a member of Edmonton’s scouting staff for four seasons between 2000-01 and 2003-04. He left the Oilers after that to become the General Manager and head coach of the Saginaw Spirit of the Ontario Hockey League.

Sillinger has lots of NHL experience, and should be able to help the young kids through different transitions of their career, since he moved around so often, but this is his first venture into management so we’ll how he fares in this role. I guess this ends the ridiculous rumblings yesterday that stated Jason Smith would take this job. Smith will stay in Ottawa for at least another year.

Oil tidbits

I spoke with Robert Nilsson today after his skate at the Kinsmen Arenas and he looks like he has gained a few pounds and says he feels much stronger and in much better shape than previous seasons. He changed his off-season program and spent time working with a coach every day, rather than working out by himself.

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“What I used to accomplish in two hours by myself, I would get done in 20 minutes with my coach this summer. I feel much better and certain I will make a good impression from the start of camp,” said Nilsson.

What is interesting is that as we spoke Mike Comrie strolled by and didn’t talk to the media today. When I asked Nilsson if he was concerned about a player like Comrie coming into camp he replied, “Not at all. He is a good player and we all want to win, if he helps us that is great.”

What Nilsson might not know is, that if Comrie comes in he could push Nilsson out of a job. I’d rather roll the dice with Nilsson over Comrie at this points, but we’ll see.

  • -30-

    Does it really make sense to add another contract and get even closer to the cap with a player like Comrie?

    Wouldn't an executive who is looking beyond immediate returns keep a little roster and cap space room so that a few weeks into the season when a better, bigger player becomes available the Oil wouldn't be hamstrung?

    The philosophy the team seems to have is that if you've got money, spend it. Why is this cap money burning a hole in the pocket of Lowe?

    We're going to be stuck in mediocre land until Lowe is gone.

  • Kam

    Seems like the Oilers are looking pretty good in the coaching department and upstairs except Klowe, I would think they could come up with something better then Mike Comrie. Sure would love to see Kessel here. Hey Greger are you and your man purse heading down to Telus Field to see Bryan Adams Tomorrow night?

  • Archaeologuy

    @ Travis Dakin:
    Sir, you wield grammar like a knife in the back alley of the interwebs. Now, if only the education system could explain "then" and "than" sufficiently.

  • Ned Flanders wrote:

    Comrie in, Nilsson out.
    Comrie can help mentor Gagner and Cogliano*
    *Gagner will be sleeping with Bulin’s wife in 5..4..3..2…

    You left out the diddly-dum-doodily.

    I put as much stock in the Comrie rumours as I do in the Pronger rumours.

  • wazy08

    Hey Gregor what was the shot at "Clareview" guys as not being tough? LOL. Us NS boys fight fair, with fists, bats, and beer bottles, not like them southsiders with drive bys, molotov cocktails, and guns? Cheap asses….just kidding buddy

  • ronaldo

    @ Anthony Ta
    No dude, the Pronger rumours are totally true. I heard it from a friend of a friend whose second cousin was dating a neighbor of one of the 2006 Oilers.

  • ronaldo

    @ wazy08
    That's because the southsiders can afford cars. ZING!

    PS Joking, don't stab me

    PPS Joking about the stabbing thing. Seriously though, don't hurt me.

    *backs away slowly*

  • wazy08

    @ ronaldo:
    Whats the difference between southsiders having cars you can afford, and us northsiders affording ourselves to your car? besides I dont bring a knife to a gun fight anyways…lol

  • Hemmertime

    ronaldo wrote:

    @ wazy08
    PS Joking, don’t stab me
    PPS Joking about the stabbing thing. Seriously though, don’t hurt me.

    lol. I dont feel safe on the north side, the south side people get shot, you assume it was for a reason. The North Side they will stab you for your shoes.