A game, a Pint, and a hangover

Our first win of the season was a shoot-out goal by Ales Hemsky… seemingly appropriate for this young team (remember when we could ONLY win at shootout). And that last shot that won us the game wasn’t a pretty one, either. Hemsky sort of fanned on the shot, didn’t get his whole stick behind it.

At least, that’s what I was told. I was too busy harassing other Nationeers, and enjoying the drinks and hospitality at the Pint. So essentially what I remember from last night is what you see in the photo above: a win and a bunch of colourful amorphous and friendly blobs. Also beer.

What I also saw…

I’ve never touted myself as a hockey expert, but three things happened last night that I wasn’t expecting:

  1. Penner, Gagner and Comrie all scored
  2. Khabibulin wasn’t shriveled up like a raisin
  3. The boys in copper and blue were finishing their checks way more than they did last year.

Does this mean we can sound the bells and declare these guys playoff contenders two games into the regular season? Yes. We wouldn’t be Oilers fans otherwise. Realistically, though, these guys are going to have to keep up and increase their physical play if they’re going to be competitive throughout the year. And as most people predicted, it’s going to get competitive.

You know what else has been awesome so far this season? The Canucks. Three straight losses and, according to freeze, Luongo blamed at least some of it on his defencemen. Real captainly of you there, pal.

So aside from a win last night, a slick new website, signing up to become Citizens of the Nation, and the approach of Thanksgiving this coming weekend… Can we be truly thankful for the team we have right now? When’s Tambo going to make some hot moves and strengthen the roster?

When is this hangover going to go away?

  • JRyanMac

    I really hope I can make it all the way over to Edmonton this winter for a game or two, and hopefully, there will be a Nation party on a night I'm there, I'd really like to met all the good folks on this site..oh what a glorious occasion it would be…

  • JRyanMac

    And lookie there, I'm #21, cause for celebration right thurrr…
    On a side note, any know of any kickass things I can put in my newly painted copper and blue rec room, besides a lifesize cutout of the Big Sexy??

    • Personally, I've always liked these:

      I had one of the little table top ones when I was a kid and loved it. Air hockey is a close second and you can't go wrong with a pinball machine or a Foosball table.