A great 24 hours in the Nation

What a wonderful 24 hours this has been as a fan of the Edmonton Oilers. First this picture above being considered a good idea, then a two-goal lead blown, then a last second tie game with the Flames then gassing it in OT. Excellent times what not?

Tragedy One

It’s going to be hard to argue with the NHL marketing brass on this one. Do you like the sexy Mens people? Do you feel as though professional sports aren’t homoerotic already at the best of times? Would you like to be slightly aroused by your local ice hockey squad? Yeah, apparently this is the major idea behind the picture you see above, in the new ESPN something something.

What is the deal here exactly? Why is this going to make people like hockey more? Like many red blooded mammals on this planet, we harbor some sort of man crush on Sheldon Souray that has us watching the games hoping he will be forced to look for an extended period of time directly into the camera. But even we draw the line at this.

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This just makes our eyes bleed and only stokes the fires of the enemies of the OilersNation. Bastards like that TLP down in Calgary who will be eating this up for lunch. We don’t need this kind of drama to deal with on the interwebs.

Just a business suggestion

You know your ol’ pal Wanye is a Titan of industry. We have probably bought more granola bars in the past 3 months than you have in your whole life. So when we say we know the business of hockey, we know the business of promoting the business of knowing a guy that works in the arena where sometimes people play hockey. But sweet ghost of Kevin Costner, what the hell?

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Do better things than this NHL! You owe it to the game! Have Sheldon Souray fight Kimbo Slice or get Sam Gagner cast in a Three Six Mafia video. Anything that actually promotes the Mighty Oil. This is not how you bring the NHL into the major lime light in the US for anything positive.

Now if you will excuse us from dwelling on this tragedy for too long,

Tragedy Two

Oh and if this pictoral Hindenburg wasn’t enough for you, the Oilers gassed one with 0.0158 seconds left in the game then lost it in a shoot out to the Flames. Blow a two goal lead? Gas it at the last possible second? FML.

We remember going into this game. A short 24 hours ago, when life was going much more positively. Life was simple then. No weird photo shoot making it weird to cheer for Moreau, no mind snapping loss to the Flames, no snow on the ground this morning.

And now back to having that picture blown up and put on my wall.

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Oh the humanity.

  • Petr's Jofa

    Man I should go back to bed. This was not the way I wanted to start my day.

    Alarm goes off at 5 = Grumpy to start with.

    Turn on the score and see the ticker go by wich lets me know that the Oilers lost in OT = Sad but got a point so oh well.

    Get out of the shower to catch the end of the OIler highlights and Quinn talking about Souray's injury now I'm pissed off

    Then I actually catch the full highlight package and see that the oilers had the lead with 1.5 seconds left = Really really pissed off

    Then see that Edmonton had a 4 on 3 in ot and couldn't score = near tears.

    The I see that The FLame's winning OT goal was a squeeker through Khabibulin and Hemsky has Kipper beat but hits the post = Arrrggg!

  • Petr's Jofa

    Oh, and teh day keeps getting better! Who the #*$& lets both techs go on vacation at the same time!?! Excuse me, I'm surfing the internet, I don't have time to load my own data! I have some game threads to read through.

    ~ Clutches the stuffed Oiler moose in his office and rocks back-and-forth slowly muttering – "Only 8 hours until the long weekend..only 8 hours, 8 hours…" ,

    • Whitney4PM

      Bad day… Take that day and multiply it by the fact that I live in Calgary and am the self-proclaimed "biggest Oil fan in the office". This is going to be peachy… I think I need a drink.

  • I wonder how many teams ESPN went through to get someone to agree to the above photo shoot.

    Maybe we're all secretly jealous it's not us standing where Cogliano is… but then again maybe not.

    Now lets go punish the Habs for being the Habs on Saturday.

    • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

      He was good, too bad there wasn't enough video evidence to overturn that one at the end.

      Oh well, got tickets to the game tomorrow night and if the Oil can pull that one out .500 on the first homestand is probably better than many of us expected for them to start the year.