GDB XXVII: Seriously? On the road again?

Coming on the heels of the announcement that Ales Hemsky’s season was over, the Oilers put up a great effort against San Jose last night. It wasn’t the result I was hoping for, but in the words of Willis, "It could have been much worse."

So tonight we get into with the Canucks. We’re down a Czech and they’re up a Swede. Last week, Daniel Sedin re-joined the Canucks bench after missing 18 games because of a broken foot. Meanwhile, our team plays missing eight guys (a stat from says we’ve lost 154 man games 155 man games to injury. Not boy games, people. MAN games) and the rest of the team has been playing with scurvy. At least, that’s what I’ve been telling everyone who asks me why the Oilers aren’t so hot right now.

The Oilers have only won three of their last 10 games, and this is our first road game on a six-game stretch. It’s going to be key for the Oilers to, you know, go out there and TRY to win. No stupid mistakes, no own-zone flubs, nothing but perfect passes and scoring.

Easy, right?

Villainous Vancouver

The Canucks have won six of their last ten games. The Sedin sisters are back together, and have demanded that Canucks management install an Easy-Bake Oven in the locker room. Management has acquiesced to their demands.

And while the Canucks have two more wins on the season than us, they have guys hurting two. Granted it’s only about half as many. Shit, I’m depressing myself.

There’s something to be said for being mad as hell, though. And I know fans are. I can only imagine that the players are too — this isn’t the OIlers’ dream season some kool-aid drinkers had hoped it would be. If they aren’t pissed their missing Hemsky for the season, then they should be.

I got the impression from Strudwick’s interview last night that he didn’t want Hemsky’s injury to prove naysayers right: that the Oilers are screwed without the star player.

It’s step-up time, boys. And we have a lot of steps to get where we need to be.

3-1 for the good guys tonight.

Go Oilers!

  • CBC has really dropped the ball, I mean puck here…. Campbell tries so hard, but what appeal does she have except to female hockey players of a certain sexual persuasion. I believe I can speak for most males, and most straight females, that we are bored to death of her…… she has a great body for radio.

    Sex sells, CBC lost out to real tv money….in the USA such as FOX, when they scooped up Hamilton babe Jilliane Barberie -

    Idiots – could someone at the CBC see that a "Canadian Erin Andrews type" is just a scouting report away….. I know Sportsnet Ivanka earns an honorable mention, but there is a difference between a second line centre and first line centre…..right….

    Kevin Weekes is just another goalie affirmative action program – where Garrett is the head of NHL color commentary hirings for CBC and Sportsnet….. rule number one – you have to had to play goal for consideration.

  • Hmm, I guess I'm the only one around here who enjoyed last night's game. They actually worked hard and pressured the puck all over the ice. To me, thats a positive compared to the schlock I have been watching for the last three years.

    Minus a couple of brain farts at the end of the game by some unnamed vets (Souray and Staios) I thought the team took a step forward in terms of how they need to play. They just need to work on some technical things and hockey smarts, or just weed out the dumb.

    Sure, they might look like an expansion team right now, but this type of hockey is more watchable then watching the young and the useless.

    Here's to hoping they keep the pressure up again tonight, but I'm worried about JDD if he gets the start tonight.

  • No matter how mediocre Kevin Weekes is, and believe me, he is, I'll take him over Cassie Campbell any day of the week. Dear lord she's bad.

    And what the hell is going on in Columbus tonight? Did I get in an accident last night or something and wake up in March? I love the energy but man does it ever look like a playoff game.

    • Librarian Mike

      I'm starting to wonder if Quinn's going to show up for the game on the 23rd against the Wild dressed the same way.

      "Yeah, I'm going down to Mexico for a few weeks. I left Bucky in charge, so talk to him if you have any questions."

  • Oiler in Purgatory

    Go Oilers! 4-2 over the 'Nucks…
    Go 'Riders! 30-27 over the Als on a last second FG…
    (I'm stuck in Toronto but still bleed Orange & Blue – it wasn't 'Copper' in the 80s – and Green & White… Regina hardcore!)

  • Oilers jet crashes on the way to Vancouver. Everybody except Joey Moss, Steve Staios, Tom Gilbert, Taylor Chorney, Devan Dubnyk, Robert Nilsson, Ladislav Smid, Patrick O'Sullivan and Pat Quinn is killed or hospitalized. Oilers lose Staios when he slips in the shower after the morning skate and dislocates his spine. The Canucks have won 42 straight and outscored opponents 199-6 in that span.

    Typical ON Oilers Game Day Prediction: Moss with a pair of goals, Smid with the winner and Dubnyk with 77 saves in a big 4-3 win for the boys. GoOilers.

    I'm thinking somebody should zip up the bag and toss it in the van before the corpse starts to stink and the True Believers are begging that we zap the stiffs with the paddles one more time, just in case . . .

    • You can't just let me dare to dream can you? Damn you and your rational well thought out analysis.

      Let me hope above hope that the boys will make me proud just like that crazy group of rapscallions that we saw in 2006.

      i know that my blind faith and hope makes me an idiot but it also makes me a fan that bleeds the copper and blue.

      I'm now amending my prediction and saying that Smid gets a hat-trick. No beer bets on this one Gregor because it is based on nothing but my love of these pricks that can't seem to do anything right.

      Next week on Brownlee's irritants. Idiot commenters and their stupid predictions. . .


      • Irritants? Never.

        There is far too much Grade-A material for me in the ongoing refusal by Oilers fans to admit it's over, and was before it started. I value each and every dogged declaration from your Kool-Aid stained lips that "we shall overcome" no matter how ridiculous the thought.

        It's like watching Rodney King eat size 13s, nightsticks and flashflights from the LAPD, only in this stomping, King is an Oilers fan and after every kick in the nuts and shot of mace in the yap he's yelling, "That all you got, motherf*cker? Bring it on. You got nothing, Jack . . . "

        It writes itself.

  • Hoodlum

    Say what you want….Nothing has been right in Oilerland since that fateful March afternoon when Smytty was traded. Boston Red Sox had thr curse of the bambino…we have the curse of Smytty. We lost our heart that day my friends, and we have never managed to regain it. Sure we've seen glimpses, we know the team this team COULD BE, but when it's all said and with or without Hemmer, he never brought to the team what Ryan Smyth did game in and game out. Hemsky being out is just another kick in the balls by the hockey gods, and try as he might, Tambo just can't compete with those spiteful gods. (on knees, looking to the skies cursing the gods with two fists in the air)

    • Oilers and Smyth's agent did not communicate and ended up with an accidental divorce, who knows if it was $100k or the suite at Rexall that was the dealbreaker….. Too bad, it was a great day when Ryan and his wife donated $50K to the Stollery at the Tee for Tot's Golf Tournament….. ironically hosted by the former GM, now removed and promoted to DOHO. To me we lost a gritty leader when 94 was sent packing, this week we lost a point a game player, but not a leader, just someone that rocks the boat and crys to the media when things are not going his way, with no mustard when push comes to shove….. Note to the OIL, tanking and finishing 9th will result in more mediocrity. Follow the Quinn model of the Chicago culture, finish last for three years, wait out the 5 year Horcoff debacle of a second line centre earning first line dollars (5 years to go)and rebuild with a new team and a new building……seems to me that the waiting list for season tickets will start to dwindle, there is trouble in the heartland of hockey, as sponsors will walk away from a perpetual loser – translation – Katz' backers from New Jersey will see more losses….

  • Game Day Prediction: Copper and Blue 5-3 with an empty netter. Cogs, Brule, Teen Wolf (I'm stealing that from Scientist), Penner and thecaptainethanmoreau scoring

    Obvious Game Day Prediction: I will utter the words "Kevin Weekes is terrible" at least 7 times over the course of the HNIC broadcast. The over under on me saying "is that actually a 26 button double breasted suit jacket?" is 4.5.

    Not So Obvious Game Day Predicition: Big Sexy will be minus 5. How is that possible when the'nucks only score three? Souray will pull the puck out of the net and put it in a second time twice and the statisticians will not be sure how to react. Thankfully he will also get 8 PIMS so I won't pull him from my fantasy league despite the ass kicking he has given me thus far.

    Bonus Grey Cup Not So Obvious Game Day Predicition: Gregor will wake up to find himself in a darkened alley with an extremely large headache covered in watermelon debris.

    Come on boys make me dare to dream