GDB LVI: Wild On Hockey

Sweet sassy molassy!

Two in a row. A pair. A deuce. A duplet. Twins. Free the Springfield Two. No matter how you say it, it doesn’t change the fact that the Oilers are on a winning streak. Which is great. Kind of.

I don’t know about you guys, but as I watched the game last night (and monitored the comments on the site for typical game-day shenannies) I had such mixed feelings on Potulny’s goal. On the one hand, it’s nice to win a second game in as many match-ups. On the other, we certainly don’t want to make a habit out of this if a rebuild is what we’re planning (and by "we," obviously I mean "the fans." I have no clue what Tambo’s up to other than sobbing into a wad of tissues while sitting on the toilet, for some reason).

Like many of you, I’m thrilled to see Gagner bringing his A-game, and like some of you, I’m also glad to see Mike Comrie on skates. It gives me a more valid excuse for my multiple daily visits to Doesn’t it?

Wild times

Tonight, the Mighty Oil take on the Wild, and like every other team in the NHL other than Carolina, these guys are better than us. They have nine more wins and 6 fewer losses than us. That’s not a lot to be proud of.

But we have two wins. In a row.

Minnesota has two injured goaltenders. And the Oilers have two guys named JDD and DD that they dress up like goalies and place in front of the net every now and then.

Actually, Minnesota seems to be suffering from a similar injury bug to the Oilers, so maybe we have the advantage there. Looking at the stats comparison on the Oilers’ website, it seems to be one of the few things we might have to our advantage.

But, as Jonathan Willis won’t tell you, stats aren’t everything.


I looked that word up. It’s something psychics do. It means "guessing." And I’m going to treat you to my own special brand of prognostication.

The Oilers have realized the season’s in the tank. They have two "Ws" in hand, and at least some of the guys are starting to enjoy just playing the game. Comrie’s back, Hilary’s website is rad, Sam Gagner likes to play with pucks after practice, and there’s a chance Ethan Moreau’s headed out of town.

So they’re going to make it three in a row.


Against the Wild.

2-1 Oil. Book it.

  • DoubleJ

    What do you guys think of going after Ribeiro in the off season? I heard he'll be up for grabs, because the Stars have money troubles going into next year. Gagner might be able to take care of first line business next year. Just an idea. He's cheap for a first line center. Cheaper then Horcoff.

    • Eric Johnson

      ~That'll learn ya.

      If you had thrown a poop joke in, you might of got a better response~

      I think we leave Ribeiro alone. Focus on the youth and leave money available to pick up younger players for long term. Plan on being competitive in 2-4 years.

      • Jamie B.

        Even if Ribero did make sense for other reasons, I've never really forgiven him for that faking-an-injury stunt he pulled as a Hab.

        Oops, sorry, replied to the wrong person.

  • OilFan

    I would like him on the Oilers but don't see it happening unless we can trade Horcoff, whom I'm not to convinced is a good idea. He is the only center we have that wins draws

  • Ender

    No more looking for the home-run, Tambo. Settle down here, figure out what role-players you need, and plug the gaping holes in your team. Maybe you have one or two left that you buy a UFA for in the off-season, but realize that your picks and prospects are going to be carrying the load in future. Get that through your head now. It's the Plan. Don't get cute; stick to the Plan. Got it, BrightBoy?

    [looks to the ceiling as he realizes that Tambo will surely make a pitch for Kovy in the off-season]

  • Zamboni Driver

    If I only I were savvy enough to make one of those "goats" y'all are talking about.

    Hands down…Patty O'.

    That sh*taneous play on goal #4 seals it for me. Not only did he cough it up, actually that is pretty much par for the course, that's what the whole gang does.

    Watch the replay…he coughs it up.

    Then does




    Floats back, looks behind him! to see if anyone else is coming, and barely crosses the finish line while a wide open Havlat (who…I'm pretty sure is kind of a good player) pops it in.

    And Patty shrugs.

    Send the useless bugger to the AHL – he was a star there I hear.

    Thus endeth rant.