Pop Quiz hotshot: Two teams square off in a ice hockey match tonight. One team has won 5 of their last 7 games on home ice and the other squad has lost four in a row and risks being passed by the lowly Phoenix Coyotes in the standings. 

Who do you pick?

The team that has been hot on home ice? Welp, you just picked the Edmonton Oilers to beat the San Jose Sharks.


Because NHL seasons cannot be cut short simply because you are in 30th place in the league, the Oilers and the Sharks play ice hockey tonight at the local antequated arena. That 30th place statistic is actually quite misleading, the Oilers are also 7 points away from being eliminated from the 2011 playoffs as well and could probably be given an additional 20 games on the rest of the league and wouldn’t be able to climb out of the basement. 

Things are so hilariously dire over at the Oilers official site that not only has the team forgotten how to win several games in succession, but the spin staff they have have abandoned proof reading their "stories" which brings the loloz:

The Oilers are going with newly minted NHL winner Devan Dubnyk in net again tonight, in an attempt to allow him to play his way from "never going to see NHL ice again after the season" all the way up to "snowball’s chance in hell of staying in the league." And despite Dubnyk’s complete lack of NHL calibre goaltending skill we have to admit we were happy for the big lug collecting his win against the Wings on Friday even after that last second hiccup that saw the game sent to overtime. That l’il gaffe probably cost the Flames a playoff berth and the small joys in life are what sustain us at the moment.

Can the Oilers beat the Sharks tonight at Rexall Place? Certain statistics, taken completely out of context and looked at on a stand alone basis seem to suggest they can. They have been mildly decent at home of late and the Sharks have been faltering down the stretch. It could just be that we are going to personally witness a win in seven hours time at RX1, once we have had the time to work our way through several of the finest plastic cups of ale they will sell us.

But you don’t have to take our word for it: ""We feel confident at home. A big start is necessary, maybe get the first goal and see what’s going to happen," – Marc Pouliot. That’s the kind of confidence we want to see. And hey, like Garnett says "anything is possible!"

Oh and just because we love you all so very much:

Heh heh heh. That South Park is some kind of funny. They must keep thousands of lawyers on retainer.