Good afternoon to us all Nation. Things are heating up in the run up to free agency beginning and the Oilers are dropping pounds of dead weight faster than this dude. But unlike this chap who has to avoid eating much of anything we are free to feast on the abundant bounty of rumours and speculation currently running rampant in the NHL.

Get ready to throw another million on the pile Eklund. Your busy season is underway.

A pair of rumours from TSN this morning caught our bloodshot eye:


"- An interesting rumour, and I stress rumour at this point: Edmonton possibly moving defenceman Sheldon Souray to St. Louis with blueliner Eric Brewer coming back the other way. Souray is a $5.4 million cap hit who will make $4.5 million in each of next two seasons. Brewer is $4.25 million cap hit with a salary of $4.5 million for the coming season. The Oilers obviously must move Souray – he can’t play there now – but will have to take some money back. Could a Souray-Brewer trade be the answer?"

Could a Souray-Brewer trade be the answer? In a word, No.

*a brief moment while we check Brewer’s salary scenario*

Hmm. Only one year left at $4.5 million huh? Please allow us to rephrase our earlier statement.

Could a Souray-Brewer trade be the answer? In a word, Yes.

If that is all Brewer has left on his gargantuan contract we would be happy to ship the Big Sex for the Oft Injured former Oiler. What the Oilers lose in good looks they make up for in bucks and at the end of the season the Oil could allow Brewer to sail off into the oft injured sunset with no further responsibilities.

We really need to read the whole paragraph before passing judgement*



The same article on says:

"- Darren Dreger spoke with Souray, who pointed out that his no-trade clause lifts July 1st, so the Oilers can consider any interested teams. Souray still needs additional strengthening in his surgically-repaired hand, but vows to be ready for the 2010-2011 season and will provide his medical records to any interested clubs. Souray also noted, if there’s interest, he’s happy to return to Edmonton."

Firstly, how on Earth can Sheldon Souray claim that he would be happy to return to Edmonton after the way he ran his mouth to end the season. Forced to play injured? Forced to play at gunpoint? Happy to return to Edmonton? What on earth is going through his beautiful mind?

Its funny how two consecutive paragraphs contradict each other to such a degree. Mackenzie is convinced that Souray cannot possibly return to Edmonton – presumably because he blasted the entire team and half of the North end of town on the way out at the end of the year. Dreger on the other hand reports he would be happy to return.

*eye starts to twitch in rage at the Big Sex*


When it comes to Sheldon Souray, our patience is starting to wear thin. With the departure of Ethan Moreau, Souray would be a leading candidate to replace him as the 13th Captain of the Oilers. There was a time this season when we would have led the charge to RX1 to demand this happen.

But now? Judging by his bi-polar commentary to various members of the press, this would be somewhat akin to throwing a vial of arsenic down our village well.

It would end badly and many would die, mainly of arsenic poisoning.

No more for you Sheldon Souray. Let the Gods see you moved in the next few days.

      • Frnk off man. Everybody bitches nobody wants to play here, we get a guy who does, and thats the reaction. Where did I say he should be captain. All I said was it is nice he grew up an Oilers fan. Guess what I grew up an Oilers fan too, maybe I should be captain.

  • smiliegirl15

    Maybe Souray has a friend now in management in Quinn. Maybe that’s why he’s willing to come back to the fold and play nice. Maybe he reads this site and realizes what a jackass he’s come across as. Maybe he’s excited about the future too.

    • At first I wasnt too keen on that idea, but the truth is I can only name a few guys who could be Captain and all of them are questionable choices. Penner, Smid, Hemsky? I am a huge Hemsky fan, but we all know his short-comings. Could Penner be a Captain a year after the Oilers tried to trade him? Is Smid really the best choice as a 2nd pairing guy who is still very young?

      I’m going with no Captain for now.

      • Victoria

        I’m usually not big on no captain (though it’s certainly better then naming your goalie as captain. Ammi right, Canucks?), but the reality for us is, it doesn’t really matter right now anyways. A fat lot of good our captain did us last year.

  • Kyle S

    F&$% Souray.

    If he donates all of the $4.5M he is set to earn this year to the Stollery and stands up like a man and apologizes, I might consider having him here in the fall.

    At this point I’d be happy with some AHL throw-away in exchange for him.

    GRRRRR…..Hulk smash!!!

    Wooo…4 day weekend!

  • @ Archaeologuy

    Options for A’s: Penner, Whitney, Hemsky, Horcoff (I know your thoughts here), Gagner, Gilbert, Smid (outside chance imo). Missing anyone?

    Maybe Whitney will still look good after more than a 20 game sample. Maybe Hall will be ready for an A in a year. Maybe it will be Gagner. I don’t see a reason to have a C for the sake of having one. Especially if it is a interim one.

  • Spartacus

    “Souray also noted, if there’s interest, he’s happy to return to Edmonton”

    After puzzling over this statement for a while, I took it to mean that Souray would return to Edmonton to clear medicals if there were any teams expressing interest in trading for him.

    I know that’s not really the way it reads, but that’s the only way this makes even a bit of sense to me.

    • Spartacus

      Souray was in Edmonton this week for the medicals so that is already done. He was catching a flight up from LAX to YEG when all of the ON guys were getting off the plane for the draft.

      So I don’t think that is the case.

  • Petr's Jofa

    I don’t understand all the fan hatred towards Souary. He didn’t bash his team mates, the fans, or the city. With the house cleaning Tambo’s done, the issues he had may have disappeared.

    “I don’t talk to anyone (in management) and I don’t expect to when I check out of here. I don’t really need to talk to them. There isn’t anything to say.

    “Management has soured on me, and I’ve soured on them,” he continued. “The fans are great, they’ve accepted me here, I see the jerseys in the stands. I couldn’t have pictured a more opposite vision of what my experience here would be like. What the organization here would be like, overall.”

    “I feel now that, when I signed here, I probably was as blinded by their great past as (the Oilers) are,” Souray said. “People will question me, that they overpaid me … that it was a bad decision to sign me. But I can tell you this: I turned down more money in other places.”

    “I got challenged by management on the very first day of my first training camp. The very first day,” he said. “They said, ‘When are you going to play?’ I said, ‘I have a six month (shoulder) injury and I’m at five months.’ But I played.

    “The Oilers always prided themselves in being a family. Whatever happened to that? I haven’t talked to (Tambellini) since mid-January.”

    • MrCondor

      He publicly threw the organization under the bus. I for one was a huge Souray fan – He was the best player on our squad in 08-09 IMO. But you don’t trash talk your organization to the press no matter how much of it is true.

      Edmonton gets enough bad press for the failed UFA signings, over paying players, the city and the sub par hockey team. He shouldn’t have stoked the fire. Not a classy move.

      If Souray comes out and says “I love what they’ve done in the offseason to change the culture of this team” I’ll welcome him back with open arms. But if he comes back he needs to make a statement before he laces up the skates.

      At the end of the day, we need an experienced D man with size and grit. He fits the bill and we have the cap room for him.

      If he truly wants to be here, play him.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    @ Archy

    Things will just continue to deteriorate with Hemsky here in Edmonton. He must’ve been offered up to 3 or 4 teams at last weekends entry draft. Rather than wish or hope he signs an extension here i would just make it clear to him we just don’t need him.

    • We have reasonable expectations that he was offered to 1 team in exchange for someone who could have been taken #1 overall, not 3 or 4 teams.

      Things deteriorated here last season WITHOUT Hemsky, not because of him.

      Why do you believe we dont need him? The facts seem to support just the opposite. Without him this team sank like a rock. He has done absolutely nothing to be treated like a player who has quit on the team.

      He is the most impactful Oiler on the ice and is the team’s offensive catalyst. He hasnt publicly demanded a trade, or thrown a coach under the bus, or even criticized his teammates in the media. All the guy does is play at an extremely high level. Did he sleep with your sister or something?

  • That’s why that Spector article did nothing for me! Souray’s remarks were made way before seasons end… Oh well, we’ll see what happen tomorrow now that Moreau is gone.

    • Librarian Mike

      ~…and nobody’s ever said that before.~

      Seriously though, I hope you’re right. Who knows, maybe he’ll have something to prove now that there are players coming in who may have more raw talent than he has. Clock’s ticking, Ales…

  • Courtesy Aaron Portzline (…

    Ethan Moreau on being reunited w Scott Howson: “He was really the architect of that (2005-06 Oilers) team. He made some key acquisitions that got us to the Final, one period from winning the Stanley Cup. I don’t think people realize how much he meant to that run. It’s not just a coincidence that things went south when he left.”


  • – Regarding Mr. Cloutier: (**** Richard Cloutier Referenced ON **** ****)
    Obviously this man has forgotten about entry-level NHL contracts. Taylor Hall won’t be getting 3.8 mil next year!

    -Regarding Jim Vandermeer: He hasn’t played a game as an Oiler and already he is better than POS! Nice grit and desire addition who will take some pressure off of Stortini.

    Regarding the Souray – Brewer rumour: I would agree with Max who said we should go for the trade IF the Blues throw in King. Anyone who is willing to drop the gloves with the Boogeyman more than 3 times in one season is a welcome addition to the club I cheer for.

    As for the Captaincy, add my vote to the group willing to leave it open and let the true leader percolate and emerge.

    ♪♫ They see your every move . . . ♫♪
    *clap* *clap*

    • Oilchange64

      Hall will get the entry level max which is around $875,000, but with potential bonuses his cap hit is around $3.8 million. I believe the Oilers then get whatever amount of bonuses he doesn’t earn in cap relief the next season (or maybe two).

  • a lg dubl dubl

    this might be from FAR left field but im kinda hoping the oil try and see if modano would like to play here,yes i know “go to a contender…win a cup” but if they dont sign comrie for the 3rd line center, i think modanos leadership and stanley cup ring is worth 2 mil(nilsson $$$) and he’d b great for kids like eberle and hall

    sidenote: and we wouldnt get lit up this year when modano comes to town no matter who he signs with

  • Why not put Hemsky as the captain, and let him lead the kids offensively. He would enjoy it and maybe sign an extension. The Hawks picked up Hossa and thats what Hemsky can be to these kids in a few years.

  • Great idea signing Modano for a year or 2 at 1.5 million. He can play 12 – 14 minutes and what a motivational leader for the kids. This is a can’t miss idea, and we hear he is in fantastic shape. Get this done.


  • Ridley80

    I have been reading time and time again the media slamming Sheldon Souray for his actions last year…..asking for a trade, slamming the management. While his actions are not condoned by any means… his own words, he is a proffessional hockey player who gets paid millions of dollars to play. That being said, man, the guy is only human. The pressure, especially in Edmonton, for being a proffessional hockey player is astronomical. Sometimes people say and do things that they might regret. Pelle Lindberg got drunk and drove his porsche into a brick wall, Pat Quinn said many things last year that will go down in history as what NOT to say if you want to be a coach in this league, The Bulin Wall got a DUI, Kevin Low has made several HUGE errors in judgement regarding the handling of the Edmonton Oilers over the years, yet he is still a BIG part of this franchise, and then, there is Sean Avery…..don’t even need to get into that one! All I am saying is cut the guy some freaking slack, already. We are, after all, only human. We make mistakes. If he says he’d be happy to return to playing hockey for the Oil, then take it at face value. He has been a very good player and leader throughout his career through hard work and dedication to the sport, and highly thought of as a GREAT role model FOR players. This has been spoken directly from several players’ mouths. I believe the majority of the attitude problems on this team last year was a direct result of Pat Quinn and his old school ways of coaching. Things he said in the media I’m sure was very soft compared to the way he handled his players, and that doesn’t paint a pretty picture at all in my books…..
    Sheldon, if you read this, some of us fans are behind you %100.

    • Ridley80

      I agree with you.I have been on the fence on this one but I’m willing to give him a was a tough year for all but as much as I’d like him back he has only played 1 full year out of 3 & we have pay him $20 million.if the brewer trade materialized,I’m ok with that because his contract is done at the end of the year.if souray gets 50points no one will complain but if he gets hurt again,you know the “we should have traded him will start”.whatever they do I’m okay with….brewer & king is something to look at.