Sequels Nation. It’s loosely defined as something you could swear has happened before, but this time its slightly different and with way more Brady.

The Nation Bunch has a new addition that should prove an interesting new member of the family.

Proving that he is as big a threat in the imaginary internet boardroom as he is in the real world radio studio, Jason Gregor has single handedly delivered the first Free Agent signing at the OilersNation in the Summer of ’10.



The glee we find in this announcement is best summed up in the explicit sounds of Mr. Bieber of world wide fame and Jayden Smith of both Karate Kid and son of Will Smith fame in their aptly titled video.

Now you might watch this video and think “who gives a squirt about two people that I am vaguely aware of collaberating with one another.”

And then you would be so wrong.

In certain circles these two appearing on the same record is the most amazing thing in the world. If the laissez faire hairdo of The Beebs doesn’t do it for you, then the hard as all hell rap solo at the two minute mark should set your world on fire.


“Cause there’s just no turning back

When your hearts under attack

Gonna give everything I have

Cause this is my destiny.”

   — Beebs, around 1:40 into the video above.

How did these two superstars so clearly state how our heart is feeling at this moment? We suppose all us major stars must go through the same types of tribulations at some point on the way to endless chicks and piles of disposable cash.

We don’t disagree with Gregor when he emailed us earlier in the day:

“Lowetide is probably more popular than you are on the internet Wanye. The fact you two have been at it for so long without being part of the MSM makes you two of a kind. You two are basically the exact same person with the same view of coming together.”

Then he described a scene in great detail outlining how we are both lone wolves. Rather than transcribe the rest we will just show the scene:

Shut up Gregor.


Lowetide himself had this to say, in Gregor’s other email today:

“I would have joined last year, but when I dropped by the ON offices and read Wanye’s stuff it was confusing. I only write for English speaking publications.

I have a great deal of respect for the ON group, specifically Robin Brownlee (the first Edmonton reporter to write the words ‘Marc Pouliot’) and Jason Gregor, whose radio show is a “must listen” every weekday and the man who uses capital letters more than any other Edmonton media person.

I don’t know what I can bring to the dance, save for a love of beer, an abundance of grey hair and credit card debt, and enough math to piss off pretty much everyone.

It’ll be fun.”


We are heartily shocked and surprised that Lowetide came over here. With the rioting that occured on his site the last time we tried this, it speaks to his belief that this is a good site we suppose.

Still, Gregor spends 10 minutes with the man and gets farther than we have in two years of trying*

Welcome aboard.

*That’s what she said

  • Oh, I just read this over at LT’s blog:

    “There are some details to be ironed out (I posted 71 times in June and have agreed to deliver 20 items to ON each month) but this is the beginning of a transition period. I will still be posting at this blog for the forseeable future, so please stop by when you get a chance.”

  • As an avid reader of LT and sometime reader of ON, I can only say congratulations. You have a dynamic group of commenters here, so it should be interesting.

    It’s the comment section that raises LT’s site to where it is (his writing makes him a must read anyway), and I hope the same level of conversation will be found here. Whether you agree or disagree, even sometimes vehemently – and this is allowed – is what makes Lowetide awesome.

    He doesn’t bully or get snarky. He’s a class act. And when things get way out of line, he’ll ask the tone to get back on track, like any good host would. And I’ve never seen him hold a grudge. He’s respectful, witty, and that rare thing: thoughtful.

    Am I fan of this man? Absolutely.

    He’ll add something here, and that’s for sure.

    Not like that Wanye guy who totally stole my schtick and to add insult to injury: did it better!