Another deal coming…

Via TEAM1260’s Corey Graham’s twitter account, the Oilers may be getting set to announce a signing/deal:

Getting the feeling something MAY be coming down with the Oilers in the coming minutes. Stay tuned


Deal coming down with Oilers, awaiting confirmation.

 Stay tuned!

  • Listening to Stauffer, the signing of Steve MacIntyre would be my guess.


    Cory Dakin wrote:

    Don’t toy with us flames fan!

    SO, from Pierre LeBrun…

    Told Matthew Lombardi close to a decision and should definitely be off the market by end of the day


    • Spartacus

      Didn’t the Oilers draft Lombardi then lose him because they weren’t able to sign him? The same year that Calgary did the exact same thing with Stoll.

      It would be like the prodigal son returning home… you know, the one that was given up for adoption.

  • Victoria

    I’m glad Big Mac is back. I didn’t understand why Pat Quinn couldn’t find room for him in the lineup considering how the smurfs were being crushed nightly.

    • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

      ~having someone play like they actually cared would have crushed the aspirations of a 30th place finish…

      with a little heart in a few games, the oilers could have founf themselves in a battle for 29th, and that risk was just not worth it~

  • Terran

    I like this. Ever since that first hit where he pasted that Flame to the boards, I’ve been a Macyntire booster. Plus, he’s a guy who knows his role and appreciates the opportunity.

  • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

    where do we start ? Not addressed the face off guy will have to spend another season listening to how great horcoff is in the face off circle a great off season when we get excited about Steve Mac coming back get the cup ready we are in for another cup run. No first line center the beat goes on. I agree some changes have been made but really mostly ahl talent Pisani old ethan moreau POS and MAP please these guys are not even NHL caliber anymore.

    • MrCondor

      This is the first official summer of the rebuild. What exactly are you expecting to happen?

      Which number 1 center is available right now and what would you give up to get him?

      • The Hall Way

        Well i agree first summer of the rebuild but as a season ticket holder id like to see a little more i can’t get to excited about big mac coming back or strudwick 2 me that hardly means much and i hope like we all do we can get a few players in here that are going to provide some face off wins and some more wins period and in a perfect world get rid of horcoff please

        • MrCondor

          And I really wish it was going to be 28 degrees and sunny all weekend, but I will play the cards that are dealt to me and make the best of it.

          Oilers haven’t overpaid anyone, we have way more grit and size, and with Souray gone we’ll have 2 players under contract over the age of 30. We should all be extremely happy campers. I think you should throttle your expectations a bit.

      • Hemmertime

        Savard, and Id give up damn near anything besides Hemsky, Gags, Eberle, MPS, Hall. One of those would likely be needed to get the deal done though. I’d be tempted to give next years first round pick but I probably wouldnt pull that trigger.

        Too bad about his No trade clause tho. But Spezza or Carter would be targets if wanted #1 C. I’d trade your sister for one of them. Or your first born sun and a pack of Skittles.

        • MrCondor

          Savard?! A small 32 year old that’s a big injury risk and has a contract of 4 million a year until 2017? He’d be 35 and concussed by the time we are competitive

          The fact that you even wrote the words first round pick scares me

          • Hemmertime

            Why is he a “big injury risk”? Yes he had a concussion, but 3/4 years before that he played all 82 games – posting 97,96,88 pts in those seasons. How many of our small forwards are career 0.89 PPG players? We’ve moved enough small FWs that Savard would fit nicely in the top 6, he’d either have MPS or Penner on his wing so the line wouldn’t be undersized. His contract is even better than Hemsky’s. Yes, by the time we are cup competitive (if we ever are) he will be older – but have an actual salary of under 600k, so if we did wish to move him then and it makes sense for the team we could easily trade him to a low salary team that cares more about actual money vs cap hit. He would be very appealing even as a 35 year old to a cap floor team due to this.

            You act like you wouldn’t even pluck him off waivers if we had the chance.

      • MrCondor

        Love Gagner Whitney Gilbert is ok too soft for my liking Penner in a heart beat lazy lazy lazy only time he put out was when he was trying to suck team canada for an olympic invite Hemmer star player ?? NOT some flashes but any guy that is first off the ice at practice (as per media) id trade him in a second to get another good player back in Hemksy’s defense the oil have never provide him with an NHL center so if they ever do that i think he can be an elite player.

    • just try to enjoy the exciting young guys and don’t worry about all the tough old guys who are there to protect all the young guys and to make sure we don’t win too many games so that we can get more exciting young guys in the draft next year so that in a few years the exciting young guys become exciting veterans and all the tough old guys are replaced with guys who can help us win a stanley cup and together those guys and the other guys who this year are the young guys will win a stanley cup and you’ll be there with you season ticket cheering them on even though horcoff will still be on the team still making too much money and still making us all feel uncomfortable with that weird eye of his

        • I was parodying rick’s comment style. I thought the “weird eye” bit would have been enough to show I was joking, but oh well, writing that long of a run-on sentence was fun. Liberating from the restraints and finality of the period even.

          Oh shoot, that last sentence was a fragment, wasn’t it…

          • Reijo Ruotsalainen's wicked slapper

            I am so glad to see that I am not the only one who finds it difficult to take serious the comments of an individual who has no clue what sentence structure is.

            I find myself questioning: are they illiterate, 7 years old, drunk, high, or a combination of any/all of the above?

            Safe to say, these guys really do put the word “fan” in “fanatic”!

            As for the gist of the message: The Oilers on paper now have a serviceable top 6, with the possibility of becoming above average if players can develop and gel together.

            For those out there who feel Hemsky is not an elite level player, get your heads out of the sand! The guy has averaged near to a point per game on an extremely weak offensive team with little to no support. Name more then 3 players doing that without anyone complimenting them……

            (I think Willis or Lowetide should look into that!)

            I would also like to point out to those complaining: I believe we have the 3rd line center who kills penalties and can win face-offs….the problem is he has a 5.5M cap hit!

            What we need to do is take some of the offensive pressure of Horcoff (no more PP, less offensive ES mins) and allow him to become the complimentary player he is better suited for. I expect a nice year from him this year. Read it here first: Horcoff: 24g, 38a, 62pts, 54% faceoff win. +3

            I could go on, but…well….I’ve got things to do.

            Welcome Lowetide!

            Keep up the good work (and awesome articles) Wanye!

            Keep doing what you do so well Gregor and Brownlee!

  • Reijo Ruotsalainen's wicked slapper

    Calgary should trade their 2011 1st round pick for Souray.

    Darryl Sutter’s been into Harvey the Hound’s scooby snacks for too long…

    Or he’s been hot boxing his combine…

    Besides drafting the wrong player 1st overall I’m liking the bowel movement Tambi’s been unloading.