According to the folks over at TSN, Sheldon Souray has been placed on waivers by our beloved Edmonton Oilers.

Says the article:

"The Edmonton Oilers are giving the NHL’s 29 other teams a chance at acquiring Sheldon Souray, as the team placed the veteran defenceman on waivers on Friday.

Souray signed a five-year contract in 2007 that was supposed to see him in Edmonton through the end of the 2011-12 season, and the 33-year-old’s no-move clause has expired. The Oilers defenceman gave GM Steve Tambellini a list of preferences back in January in the event that he would be shipped out before the March 3 trading deadline.

Souray was also on the record as saying he’d waive his no-movement clause if the circumstances were to his liking. Souray had four goals and nine assists in 34 games with Edmonton this season.

The Elk Point, Alberta native was selected 71st overall by the New Jersey Devils in the 1994 NHL Entry Draft. He has played for the Devils, the Montreal Canadiens and the Oilers. His best season came in 2006-07 with Montreal, when he put up 26 goals and 38 assists for 64 points in 81 games."


Fresh off placing Patrick O’Sullivan on waivers only to later move him to the Phoenix Coyotes for Jim Vandermeer, perhaps Steve Tambellini is hoping that a similar outcome will occur with the big D-man. Or perhaps he is hoping someone will take him straight away.

Either way this seems a strange move, one that bears intense debate, name calling and trolling before Gregor and Brownlee tell us all what is really going on.


The very same article says that the Oilers have signed Jason Strudwick to a one year deal for terms not yet announced.

  • Oilchange64

    Guess I was out to lunch…and in an odd way not upset about it. I expected a trade as I believe most did, and bringing back a questionable contract in return. Anybody who thinks they didn’t try to get ANYTHING back…how does that make ANY sense? I don’t think it was personal – just a remarkably shrude business decision. Absolute worst case is pay him in the minors (still hard to imagine) and clear cap space without taking on another bad contract. All the armchair GM’s out there never came up with this one.

  • Via Corey Graham…

    Getting the feeling something MAY be coming down with the Oilers in the coming minutes. Stay tuned…… Deal coming down with Oilers, awaiting confirmation.

      • Dyckster


        Not sure about this one. Quinn had his moments, but one of the things I did like, a goon couldn’t simply be a goon, they had to be able to play a little too.

        I dunno, maybe SMAC didn’t get enough opportunity to show his hockey worth, but maybe he did….

        Don’t get me wrong, he is an awesome team guy and such, but didn’t having too many “team” guys that couldn’t play at an NHL level get us in some of this kaka in the 1st place? We already have Strudwick who falls under this category.

  • jt in Oilertown

    My guess – Souray goes to Columbus. A gentleman’s agreement was in place between Tambo and Howson that ties into Moreau getting picked up earlier in the week.

    And yes, I’m wearing a tin foil hat right now.

  • thunderbirdiv17

    I think that if Tambellini is going this route then its proof of what analysts have said from the beginning, there’s lukewarm interest in Souray.

    Let’s face it a 5.4M cap hit for a guy who has a long history of fairly serious injury problems. And it isn’t just singular injury problems, it continues to concern his upper body ie. shoulder/arm injuries.

    Given the fact that the salary cap only went up about 2.7M and with a lot of bad contracts already out there ie. Brian Campbell (nice one Hawks) GMs are beginning to realize that some caution is necessary when acquiring big contract players. Except for Glen Sather who is insane for signing the boogeyman at 1.6M a year for 4 years (they’re really building a winner in NY)

  • Oilertown

    Isupport the smackintyre signing. He is happy to be an oiler. He will instill confidence in all oilers. It will be intersting to see if his presence reduces the amount od injuries the team incurred last season as his presence results in the oilers best players being pushed around and run. Stortini will not have to do all the fighting and will also get help from van der meere etc. Good moves by tamby this week. signed jeff, tho.

  • Coco Crsip

    Anyone tell me, what are the chances of Shledon sporting the copper and blue silks next year? To be honest, i still like him and think he can make a differnce if healthy.