The first epic battle of the year. If something epic happens from here on out, it happens for real.

MPS nets a hattrick? He is up 3-0 Ovechkin. Eberle gets 4 assists in a single game? Break out the ghosts, the rides and the whips. There is excitement in the air today. Real honest to goodness excitement.

It’s Game Day Bitches.

We have had to supress an overwhelming sense of Squee in these here preseasons. We somehow managed to watch every minute of every game to date and though it is clear that the Oil are going to have some holes – like the entire defensive corps and all eleven goaltenders – there is cause for an extreme case of hope-itis.

Remember how much suck it was last year when the team was 100% brutal? Remember how frustrating it was when ass hats like Nilsson and Patrick O’Sullivan would just mail it in night after night?

Well we have a whole bunch of new Oilers now. Good ones. Young too. And they are just itching for a lineup to dominate and are thrilled to be playing in the NHL.

These kids develop for a couple seasons and all of these bleeding heart free agents that wouldn’t have touched Edmonton with a ten foot pole will be lining up to sign discounted deals to "play with a winner." And we will allow them, in our infinite compassion as Oilers fans.

But they will only be hired guns – not really one of us.

"Us" begins tonight.







That Ladies and Gentlemen is your opening lineup.



If this team is going to play Exciting Last Place Hockey™© and collect FIST overall at the 2011 Entry Draft it is going to be important to make our own fun. As we have had to do for the past few seasons watching the team slide into the old crapperoo, it is going to be on us all again this year Nation.

Before we get into Game Day mode, leave some predictions for the year. What is going to happen? Who is going to score on the other team? Who will pass the puck to the guy who scores on the other team? How will the Oilers Ice Hockey Squad finish vis-a-vis the other Ice Hockey Teams in their Conference?

We have already written off the season before it begins but we also guarantee it will be the most fun year since the Oil went on The Run. Here is what else we will predict:


During the course of this season, we predict that we will consume over 70 – count em 70 – beers at Rexall Place. With an expected attendance of 12 games that will be an average of five per game. Ignoring some sort of liver failure or kidney shut down, this is going to be a good season for your ol’ pal Wanye.

Look at them all there –  condensed on the outside and carrying illegal amounts of alcahol on the inside. Look how blurry that picture is. That’s how our eyes are going to work when we are peeping at the ladies too this season.


Flame wars, twitter wars, calling out the media, fans of other teams and anyone who works within 500 feet of the Edmonton Oilers. It is going to be another season of hilarity across the board, the soaring traffic on the Nation will ensure it.

The sheer number of people who are putting real thought into entertaining themselves completely independent of the product on the ice is at an all time high.

Welcome to the Fun Mothership Nation.


Let the season begin.

Oilers 4 Flames 2.


Flames Fans can be found here. Perhaps you’d like to say hello.

  • Hemmercules

    Did that just happen?! Awesome game all around, can’t say a bad thing about anyone tonight. Even when they were under fire in the second they kept it calm and to the outside. Nice work Brule winning me some cash on that first goal of the season!!!!1

  • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

    Dear god I finally picked a good game to go to AND I got good value on the tickets. Never have I been to a game which featured a big-time goal, a highlight reel goal, or a highlight reel fight. All 3 tonight. Booyah!

  • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

    Probably even more satisfying than this win is the Smack Attack. I rejoiced when the CBC cameras panned over to the Calgary bench and to see all that dejection especially from Vulcany Brenty Sutter. To me the Beat Down was my invictus and the win was the icing on the cake. Whatever else happens this year, this was truly gratifying.

  • Ben Dover

    Awesome. Best complete game I’ve seen the Oil play in at least 10 months.

    Over the past few seasons only Hemsky (maybe Nilsson) had the puck control to score the goal Eberle potted tonight. Those were some sick moves, especially for a first NHL goal against a top goalie. If that line stays together they should gel nicely. All the kids looked impressive.

    I know it’s only one game, but the recent debate on ELC’s and future cap management seems pretty ridiculous after watching that game. The kids definitely look ready to play now. More time in junior or the minors is not going to make any of them better; and who gives a fiddlers f*ck about the budget in 3 years. I was happy to watch that game TONIGHT.

    Gotta love the Smac down! Horrible positional play, but he definitely left a mark. I thought Horc proved why he was given the ‘C’, while Jones and Peckham showed why they’re still here and others aren’t. ReKhab also played well to keep the team in the game until the 3rd. And since he’s my goat, Tammy Gilbert played just horrible tonight.

  • J-Dogg

    Great game tonight! Fourth home opener in a row for me and by far the best one. From little jordy eberles TSN turning point goal to big smac murderlizing ivanans and all of the bulin wall in between. Great energy, oil! Let’s keep it up.

  • Crash

    Long drive back to Red Deer after the game but well worth the trip.

    So refreshing on here tonight. Not one mention of guaranteed 30th place on here tonight. Not one mention of Eberle/Paajarvi belonging in the AHL, not one mention of Taylor Hall being better off in junior, not one mention of the Oilers crappy goaltending, not one mention of that lousy crappy trade that Tambellini made to get Ryan Whitney, not one mention of how Reddox should be here instead of Jones, not one mention of that useless Peckham being here instead of Petiot, not one mention of how having Steve MacIntyre is a waste of a roster spot, not one mention of we have nobody to win faceoffs, or no one to kill a penalty, or no mention of our useless PP.

    This place feels completely different tonight as compared to the last few months…where is all the negativity I’ve been reading on here? Where are all the experts tonight?

    Yah I know, just one game but man those kids are for real and Eberle is…as Taylor Hall so eloquently stated…SICK…what a player that Eberle is…Paajarvi and Hall aren’t bad either…they’re here to stay.

    It only took one game this year to already guarantee one thing that won’t be a repeat of last year….the Flames will NOT sweep us.

    There may still be some rough nights ahead but one thing is for certain…this team is tons better than last years team and if they stay healthy there’s no way in hell we’re getting a lottery pick again this year.