The undefeated Edmonton Oilers (2-0) play the winless Minnesota Ice Hockey Club (0-1-1) in what is sure to be a "wild" match this evening. If you can handle this level of hilarity in your pregame hockey analysis, read on.

It seems like forever since the Oil have had a game doesn’t it? This wacky start to the 2010-11 NHL season has the Oilers playing 9 games in the first 20 nights. Of these nine games, three are against the Flames and two are against the Wild. What’s the business with that? Where is the variety?

At the same time, if the Oil can keep an undefeated season going they can play the Atom Tier 7 KC Saints 82 games in a row for all we care. Wins Nation. Wins and Ice Hockey Scores.

The rollercoaster of excitement continues to rumble down the tracks into Game 3.

If you judge the pundits assessments as being correct – The Wild are the only team that are going to finish behind the Oilers in the Western Conference this season. No sense giving them a false sense of hope either – handing them a loss on home ice is an excellent way to show the NHL that the Oilers are serious about finishing 14th in the West this year.


  1. Taylor Hall’s first goal. Sooner or later this kid is going to do something eye popping and hearts and minds alike will burst into flame all over town. He has certainly looked like he belongs in the NHL so far and sooner or later the two time Memorial Cup MVP is going to put the biscuit in the basket. That will be something to see.
  2. MacIntyre v Boogaard. Do both of these players draw into the line up tonight? If they do, does MacIntyre punch Boogaard into the great beyond like he did with Raitis Ivanans? That was a jim dandy of a punch. We are excited to see if Big Mac has another in his arsenal tonight.
  3. MPS’ first goal. See point #1 but replace Hall with MPS. Oh and delete two time Memorial Cup MVP too. It is a matter of when not if this kid is going to do something mind shattering too. Perhaps it’s tonight.
  4. Keeping the streak alive. Yes, two wins in a row is hardly worthy of being squeed "a streak." But in a season of exciting last place hockey, we can only hope for a few more wins in a row followed by a high octane, higher offensive slide into 30th. Lest the Oil ruin their chances for another Squee filled first pick at the 2011 Entry Draft by placing higher than 30th we’d like just enough wins to finish last by a single point.


Hall – Horcoff – Eberle

Penner – Gagner – Hemsky

Paajarvi – Cogliano – Brule

Jones – Fraser – Stortini

Gilbert – Smid

Foster – Whitney

Peckham – Vandermeer




Oh what the hell. Oilers 5 Wild 3. Hall scores.